Access Control/sell on location: Wifi at your event?

Access Control/sell on location: Wifi at your event?

You’ve probably already wondered about the need for an internet connection at your event’s reception and access control areas or to sell products on site. Here are the answers to your most important questions with Weezevent’s solution.

What can I do without an internet connection

Check-in your attendees and control access to your event

  • Using paper lists edited on Weezevent: you can download and print your guest list at any time. You can filter it by first name, last name, ticket number or ticket type. All lists include a tick box for your convenience. Lists can be downloaded from your Weezevent account – Go to Tools > Access Control > Access control lists and click on the ICON “Download this Access Control list in PDF format”.
  • Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod and the WeezAccess app: you can use one or more of these devices along with our free WeezAccess app to check-in and control your audience offline. However, you should ensure that you pre-load – using an internet connection – your control list onto your device before you head to the event so that you are able to proceed once on site. With your database saved on the device, you will be able to use it offline but please note that your list will not be updated with the latest sales information if you are still on sale. Similarly, if you use two devices to improve the flow of operations, your devices will not communicate with each other which means that the same ticket or barcode could be scanned and accepted by several devices. You should therefore avoid this scenario if you foresee attempts at fraud. After the event, you will be able to synchronise the devices to upload the data stored locally on each device and access the list of attendees who turned up (a “scanned” column appears in the export of the attendees’ list).
  • Renting professional scanning devices from Weezevent: If you don’t have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, or for comfort and performance-related reasons, you can rent iPods equipped with a professional barcode reader (WeezAccessPro) from Weezevent. These devices use our free WeezAccess app and operate without an internet connection (see paragraph above).

Sell on location

  • Printing stocks of tickets through Weezevent: If your event has not sold-out before it starts and you would like to offer tickets for sale on the day, you can simply print a stock of your various ticket types. This feature, called Stock Printing (Sell > Stock printing), will enable you to generate one or more PDFs with one ticket per page that you can then print using any desktop printer. Please note that for these tickets to be accepted by the scanning devices, you must edit the stock before you upload your control list. Furthermore, this means you will not have any commission fee to pay! If you have a thermal printer compatible with our service, you can also use it to print these tickets. After the event, and in order to ensure your bookkeeping is accurate, please remember to delete any unsold tickets from your attendees’ list.
  • Printing tickets with a professional printing service: To obtain a beautiful and high-quality result, or for simplicity reasons, you can also get tickets with stubs printed by a professional printing service. It is not mandatory but if you don’t use stubs and would rather scan them, remember to import the barcodes generated by the printer to your Weezevent account (Sell > Distributors > Import > Other).

What can I do with an internet connection

Control access to the event

  • With your iPhone, iPad or iPod and our WeezAccess app or our WeezAccessPro devices: These give you a real time report of the number of people whose tickets have been scanned and how many people are still to arrive, occupancy as a %, and even allow you to check if individuals  have already entered the event. With an Internet connection, you can access this valuable information from anywhere. You can also set-up several control areas with devices communicating with each other thanks to the Wifi network. This will prevent fraud since all devices are synchronised and will reject tickets already scanned. You can also see the number of people on site (no need to add-up each device’s individual count). Another benefit is the possibility to keep sales open online and also onsite at your box office if your event has not yet sold-out.

Your wifi is interrupted during access control?

No worries! Our terminals are autonomous and will keep working no matter what. They will sync again once they are back online.

  • From my Weezevent interface on PC or Mac: If you don’t have a scanning device, you can use Weezevent’s interface to grant access to attendees! To do so, go to the event management section and click on the “hammer and key” logo on the top right of your screen > access control > access control lists > ICON Show attendees on this Access Control list > validate. You can search using first names, last names, barcodes or ticket numbers.

Sell on location

  • Using Weezevent’s box office: When you have a reliable internet connection the best way to sell your tickets on location is to use our box office because it is directly linked to your Weezevent account, thereby updating your data in real time. This also enables tickets to be scanned immediately after purchase.

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