Design an attractive ticketing platform with Weezevent: the ticketing widget

Design an attractive ticketing platform with Weezevent: the ticketing widget

Join us reg­u­lar­ly to be kept informed by our series of arti­cles about all the tips used by our clients to cus­tomize suc­cess­ful­ly their tick­et office.  In order to help you, our teams have select­ed a remark­able col­lec­tion of the best prac­tices among more than 100,000 events.  This month, we will take a clos­er look to Weezevent tick­et­ing widget.

2  I   Integration of the ticketing platform

Do you own a web­site ? See how quick­ly and eas­i­ly you can inte­grate your Weezevent tick­et­ing wid­get on your own web­site or Face­book. You will then have your own full-fea­tured solu­tion 100% inte­grat­ed on your web­site!  Here are a few advices to reflect the real essence of your event and make it a success !

The tick­et­ing widget
The mul­ti-event widget
Inte­grate a func­tion button
Face­book Integration


Integrate the ticketing widget on my own website

To learn how to inte­grate the Weezevent tick­et­ing wid­get on your web­page, please pro­ceed to section :
Sell > On your own web­site > Cre­ate a module

Don’t for­get to adapt the col­ors of your event to your new tick­et­ing widget.
Sim­ply click the col­or box and enter the relat­ed col­or code or using the mouse select the right color.

Remem­ber that this mod­ule is ful­ly cus­tomiz­able; you can mod­i­fy its width and height or let auto­mat­ic adjustment !

Once the code cre­at­ed, sim­ply copy it on your web­site in a block receiv­ing the « HTML ». This step is of the first impor­tance ! If you are expe­ri­enc­ing prob­lems, ask your web­mas­ter or your website’s edi­tor, if necessary.


Bring together all your events with the multi-event widget

If you are man­ag­ing more than one event with Weezevent, you can set up a mul­ti-event widget.
This wid­get becomes very use­ful if you organ­ise many events at the same place or a repeat­ing event at dif­fer­ent locations.
The inte­gra­tion process is the same than for the tick­et­ing wid­get (code to copy/paste) how­ev­er you will be able to select only those events you want to be post­ed in this module.

Wise­ly locat­ed in your tick­et­ing page of your web­site, this is where you can sim­ply dis­play your select­ed events with the impor­tant details up front such as date, time, loca­tion, etc.

Go to :

Tool­box icon > My mul­ti-event mod­ules > Add a mod­ule (pre­view here)


 Open your ticketing office with a single click !

See how easy it is with Weezevent to cre­ate a book­ing but­ton which is embed­ded on your own website.

Please pro­ceed to your Weezevent appli­ca­tion, section :
Sell > On your own web­site > then select “cre­ate a button”
You can choose among many titles (reg­is­tra­tion, tick­et­ing office, book your seats…), and pick your col­or to com­ple­ment a per­fect integration !

As this func­tion but­ton will open your tick­et­ing wid­get in a new win­dow, your atten­dees will book their tick­ets with­out leav­ing your website !

The col­or of your func­tion but­ton must embrace the design of your site while being easy for buy­ers to find.
You can cus­tomize its name accord­ing to the event type or cre­ate one !

 Your ticket office on Facebook

Face­book inte­gra­tion is the sim­plest way to buy tick­ets with­out leav­ing Face­book. This inte­gra­tion will add a small block on your page, with a cus­tomiz­able image (see exam­ple below) as well as a « tick­et­ing » tab inte­grat­ing direct­ly your Weezevent mod­ule. This is also a very good way to attract vis­i­tors on your page !

Go to :

Sell > On Face­book and fol­low the step-by-step guide.

Be cre­ative !


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