Why choose cashless payment to reduce queuing times at stadium refreshment stands?

Why choose cashless payment to reduce queuing times at stadium refreshment stands?

In every sta­di­um or sports are­na, sup­port­ers take advan­tage of the game’s break times to rush to the var­i­ous refresh­ment stands. And often, they queue for a long time. The most impa­tient do so just before the breaks, at the risk of miss­ing impor­tant action, while oth­ers pre­fer to spend a long time in the queue rather than miss part of the event of the year.

For both of these audi­ences, the event that is sup­posed to rep­re­sent qual­i­ty time with fam­i­ly or friends can become frus­trat­ing, even a night­mare. How­ev­er, there are solu­tions that can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the length of queues. Among them, cash­less pay­ment has proved its worth in the sta­di­ums of sev­er­al top clubs, such as FC Nantes and Stade Français, among oth­ers.


  1. Why are there such long wait­ing times at sta­di­um refresh­ment stands?
  2. Dras­ti­cal­ly reduc­ing wait­ing times with cash­less pay­ments
  3. The oth­er ben­e­fits of cash­less pay­ment

1. Why are there such long waiting times at stadium refreshment stands?

The phe­nom­e­non is fair­ly sim­ple: dozens, hun­dreds, even thou­sands of sup­port­ers all flock to the refresh­ment stands at the same time. In such an extra­or­di­nary sit­u­a­tion, the sys­tems put in place are often fair­ly prim­i­tive.

In any case, bar­tenders have to man­age a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of trans­ac­tions, includ­ing tak­ing cus­tomers’ orders, pay­ment, and ser­vice. These trans­ac­tions can be slowed by back­ground noise, the cal­cu­la­tion and han­dling of cash, and so on. Why shouldn’t sports event organ­is­ers respond to this excep­tion­al sit­u­a­tion with an excep­tion­al sys­tem?

2. Drastically reducing waiting times with cashless payment

Imple­ment­ing a cash­less pay­ment solu­tion like Weezevent’s allows sports clubs and their bar­tenders to col­lect pay­ments from sup­port­ers in a mat­ter of sec­onds, thanks to cash­less pay­ment cards.

For clubs using Weezevent’s cash­less sys­tem, this was the case for queues at refresh­ment stands and food areas. Sup­port­ers no longer have to decide on a strat­e­gy where­by miss­ing part of the match means less wait­ing at the refresh­ment stand. They can there­fore take full advan­tage of the oppor­tu­ni­ty offered by the club to attend sports events with their friends. They can obtain a pay­ment card online or from the stadium’s cash­less banks, then use this card to pay for their food and drinks direct­ly.

Mean­while, staff can con­cen­trate on ser­vice and cour­tesy, as all they have to do is select the items ordered using a cash­less ter­mi­nal, then col­lect pay­ment with no cal­cu­la­tions to make or cash to count.

The solution’s fea­tures and modes of pay­ment are ful­ly cus­tomis­able. You can autho­rise pay­ment by cash or cred­it card if you wish, or for­bid it at select­ed points of sale. With Weezevent, you choose.

3. The other benefits of cashless payment

Fewer human errors

Weezevent’s cash­less pay­ment sys­tem allows sports clubs to secure and mon­i­tor their mon­ey flows. This approach, which aims to ensure accounts are up to date and accu­rate, must be part of an infor­ma­tive cam­paign explain­ing the move towards cash­less pay­ment to sup­port­ers.

Simplified account management

No more count­ing of cash reg­is­ters, or even recounts when errors creep into trans­ac­tions. With cash­less pay­ment, each trans­ac­tion is reg­is­tered by Weez­Pay cash­ing ter­mi­nals, which auto­mat­i­cal­ly fill in track­ing tables in real time to ensure their accu­ra­cy. This means that food and drink receipts are reli­able and always up to date.

Sports event organ­is­ers con­fig­ure item lists, cus­tomis­ing VAT, avail­able quan­ti­ties, prices, etc. Stock man­age­ment, like every­thing else, is thus ful­ly opti­mised.

(Truly) personalised loyalty offers

Sports clubs can eas­i­ly tar­get sup­port­ers as those with cash­less cards are auto­mat­i­cal­ly linked to a user account — and thus an email address or even a phone num­ber.

Sev­er­al loy­al­ty cam­paign sce­nar­ios are there­fore pos­si­ble:

  • Send­ing a pro­mo­tion­al offer to those who no longer attend match­es;
  • Thank­ing the biggest con­sumers by offer­ing a meet­ing with the club’s ath­letes;
  • Offer­ing gifts to sup­port­ers who have attained a cer­tain con­sump­tion thresh­old.

Cash­less pay­ment brings cre­ativ­i­ty to loy­al­ty offers. It’s up to clubs to cre­ate the offers their sup­port­ers will love.

For the benefit of innovation

As you know, sports events are no longer just about ‘see­ing great action and hav­ing a beer with friends’. Every­thing around the com­pe­ti­tion is impor­tant and is con­stant­ly rein­vent­ed, includ­ing the atmos­phere, decor, enter­tain­ment, activ­i­ties, and more. The over­all expe­ri­ence is cru­cial.

With cash­less pay­ment, you can envis­age new expe­ri­ences to attract more and more new sup­port­ers. Autonomous beer taps, allow­ing fans to make their orders from their seats, on-site ser­vice… the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less!

Whether you want to reduce queues in your sports are­na, offer new expe­ri­ences to your sup­port­ers, or get to know them bet­ter to strength­en their attach­ment to your club, Weezevent will sup­port you in choos­ing cash­less pay­ment. Go fur­ther by click­ing on the but­ton below:

Choose cash­less pay­ment

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