Why choose cashless payment to reduce queuing times at stadium refreshment stands?

In every stadium or sports arena, supporters take advantage of the game’s break times to rush to the various refreshment stands. And often, they queue for a long time. The most impatient do so just before the breaks, at the risk of missing important action, while others prefer to spend a long time in the queue rather than miss part of the event of the year.

For both of these audiences, the event that is supposed to represent quality time with family or friends can become frustrating, even a nightmare. However, there are solutions that can significantly reduce the length of queues. Among them, cashless payment has proved its worth in the stadiums of several top clubs, such as FC Nantes and Stade Français, among others.


  1. Why are there such long waiting times at stadium refreshment stands?
  2. Drastically reducing waiting times with cashless payments
  3. The other benefits of cashless payment

1. Why are there such long waiting times at stadium refreshment stands?

The phenomenon is fairly simple: dozens, hundreds, even thousands of supporters all flock to the refreshment stands at the same time. In such an extraordinary situation, the systems put in place are often fairly primitive.

In any case, bartenders have to manage a significant number of transactions, including taking customers’ orders, payment, and service. These transactions can be slowed by background noise, the calculation and handling of cash, and so on. Why shouldn’t sports event organisers respond to this exceptional situation with an exceptional system?

2. Drastically reducing waiting times with cashless payment

Implementing a cashless payment solution like Weezevent’s allows sports clubs and their bartenders to collect payments from supporters in a matter of seconds, thanks to cashless payment cards.

For clubs using Weezevent’s cashless system, this was the case for queues at refreshment stands and food areas. Supporters no longer have to decide on a strategy whereby missing part of the match means less waiting at the refreshment stand. They can therefore take full advantage of the opportunity offered by the club to attend sports events with their friends. They can obtain a payment card online or from the stadium’s cashless banks, then use this card to pay for their food and drinks directly.

Meanwhile, staff can concentrate on service and courtesy, as all they have to do is select the items ordered using a cashless terminal, then collect payment with no calculations to make or cash to count.

The solution’s features and modes of payment are fully customisable. You can authorise payment by cash or credit card if you wish, or forbid it at selected points of sale. With Weezevent, you choose.

3. The other benefits of cashless payment

Fewer human errors

Weezevent’s cashless payment system allows sports clubs to secure and monitor their money flows. This approach, which aims to ensure accounts are up to date and accurate, must be part of an informative campaign explaining the move towards cashless payment to supporters.

Simplified account management

No more counting of cash registers, or even recounts when errors creep into transactions. With cashless payment, each transaction is registered by WeezPay cashing terminals, which automatically fill in tracking tables in real time to ensure their accuracy. This means that food and drink receipts are reliable and always up to date.

Sports event organisers configure item lists, customising VAT, available quantities, prices, etc. Stock management, like everything else, is thus fully optimised.

(Truly) personalised loyalty offers

Sports clubs can easily target supporters as those with cashless cards are automatically linked to a user account — and thus an email address or even a phone number.

Several loyalty campaign scenarios are therefore possible:

  • Sending a promotional offer to those who no longer attend matches;
  • Thanking the biggest consumers by offering a meeting with the club’s athletes;
  • Offering gifts to supporters who have attained a certain consumption threshold.

Cashless payment brings creativity to loyalty offers. It’s up to clubs to create the offers their supporters will love.

For the benefit of innovation

As you know, sports events are no longer just about ‘seeing great action and having a beer with friends’. Everything around the competition is important and is constantly reinvented, including the atmosphere, decor, entertainment, activities, and more. The overall experience is crucial.

With cashless payment, you can envisage new experiences to attract more and more new supporters. Autonomous beer taps, allowing fans to make their orders from their seats, on-site service… the possibilities are endless!

Whether you want to reduce queues in your sports arena, offer new experiences to your supporters, or get to know them better to strengthen their attachment to your club, Weezevent will support you in choosing cashless payment. Go further by clicking on the button below:

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