The event organiser’s back to school backpack

Notebooks, diary, pens, coffee, good humour… and technology for simple and agile management of all your events!

The page is turning on a busy summer, which allowed us to get back in touch with events and recharge our batteries. A new season begins, and Weezevent offers you its backpack full of technologies made to facilitate the life of all event organizers !


    1. WeezTicket: everything you need to manage your participants

    Whatever the event you are organising – concert, workshop, course, congress, tournament, festival…- and whatever the size of the event, WeezTicket, with its multitude of features, is an indispensable basic. This tool is very easy to use and can be adapted to any event.

    Here are some of its most popular features:

    • Online ticket sales and registration: Being able to predict the number of attendees at your event through online registration will save you time and money.
      If your event has a fee, WeezTicket is the best way to manage the purchase of tickets, on your own website or on a dedicated mini-site.
      Is your event free? You can also generate tickets for your audience, collect data and set a maximum number of registrations.
    • Accreditations: Turn tickets into custom accreditations for your event.
    • Allocated Seating: Let your audience choose their seat or assign them automatically. This option allows you to easily create tickets with different prices depending on the area in which the seat is located.
    • Send invitations: Manage invitations to your events using a simple and convenient platform. This feature is particularly useful for managing your partners: they each have a private platform, allowing them to distribute the tickets you have granted them.
    • Reservations: Offer the possibility of reserving tickets, which will be paid for in one of the ways you offer your participants (online, by post, on site, etc.).
    • Session mode: Is your event repeated on different days? Do you organise tours, shows, plays or any other multi-date event? This feature allows you to set up, in a few clicks, the online ticketing of the different sessions of your event.
    • Promo codes: For marketing campaigns, for loyal customers… Create and send discount codes applicable to one or all of your events!
    • Early birds: Create your pricing strategy and manage your different types of rates based on the date of purchase, a quota of X tickets at a special rate… and automate the change of rate once the offer reaches its end or the quota has been used up.
    • Customisation: Personalise your materials according to your needs, from basic to premium ticket, confirmation email, mini-site… And many other possibilities!

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts, who will guide you towards the ideal solution for your needs.

    2. WeezAccess: access control and detailed reports

    On the day of your event, WeezAccess is your best ally to control access:

    • Access control by scanning tickets: You can proceed with professional WeezAccess Pro devices, with our WeezAccess Boxes for large crowds or from the WeezAccess application installed on your smartphone. Whichever option you choose, the tool will instantly show you whether the ticket is valid or not.
    • Manual attendance control: If you prefer to control access without scanning the QR code on the tickets, you can do so from your computer or by using a paper list that you can download in a few clicks.
    • Real-time reporting and tracking: View your attendance statistics and download full reports after the event.
    • Checklists: Create checklists according to your needs: by access point, by session, VIPs…

    3. WeezPay: more than just cashless payment

    To improve the experience of participants and increase your revenues at the same time, take advantage of Europe’s leading cashless payment system.

    • NFC support: the participant’s cashless account will be associated with their NFC support (card or bracelet), which will allow them to pay for their drinks during the event.
    • Online and on-site top-ups: Choose the configuration of your cashless event according to its characteristics: with online top-ups, on-site top-ups or both.
    • Online refunds: No more queues and cash flow at your event, even for refunds: manage them online in the easiest way possible!
    • Manage free products and services: From your WeezPay interface, configure the items on sale (name, item family, visual, price), as well as promotions that can be linked to the time of day (happy hour), the quantity (buy 2 get 1 free) or the public (free for VIPs, reduced for volunteers etc.).
    • Restricted area control: Grant specific access rights to each participant and control access to restricted areas via the NFC medium itself.
    • Click & Collect and Click & Delivery: Manage online orders to be collected or delivered to a specific location (seat, table…) easily and quickly.

    To learn more about what cashless can do for you, check out our cashless white paper.

    4. WeezTarget : stay in touch

    The last tool in our back-to-school backpack for event organisers is also the latest solution from Weezevent : a CRM specially designed for events:

    • Sending and planning emailing campaigns: Send your promotional or informative emails at the right time.
    • Contact segmentation: Easily create different segments using existing filters designed for event organisers, or create as many as you need to build your own custom campaigns.
    • Custom template-building tool: With a simple “drag and drop” system.
    • Data synchronisation: All your data is gathered in one place and synchronised with all Weezevent products.
    • Follow the performance of your campaigns: In real time, monitor your campaigns data and improve your future communications.

    Is your bag ready yet? We’re here to help you choose and configure the best options for your next event.

    Get in touch with us!

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