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A wonderful management tool for your event, allowing sales tracking, stock management, HR management, and more.

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Cards or NFC bracelets?

Almost any­thing is pos­si­ble with cus­tomised NFC devices. As the wrist­band can be used as a tool to man­age access, it is the pop­u­lar choice for fes­ti­val organ­is­ers. You can also use NFC cards, very pop­u­lar with more per­ma­nent struc­tures such as clubs or venues. Regard­less of your choice, our cards and wrist­bands are made from 60% recy­cled PVC.

  • Track your inventory in real time.

    Add your prod­ucts on your cash­less man­age­ment inter­face and track your inven­to­ry in real time! You have access to real time data to track pur­chas­es by point of sale. This allows for informed man­age­ment deci­sions and to antic­i­pate what is about to sell out.

  • Offer refunds easily.

    Your atten­dees can ask for a refund of their remain­ing bal­ance online after the event. The request is logged with one click. Weezevent man­ages the refunds on their bank card. You have noth­ing to do!

Track your sales numbers in real time.

From your cash­less man­age­ment inter­face, you can track your sales pro­gres­sion and see your rev­enue growth using the overview as well as fil­ters by point of sale. Man­age your points of con­sump­tion in a gran­u­lar way i.e. Mix up the allo­ca­tion of your teams and resources based on sales trends.

  • Manage access to your catering.

    You need to restrict access to your on-site cater­ing? Weezeven­t’s cash­less device allows you to allo­cate a num­ber of meals per day/shift to your team. You can then track the num­ber of meals served to bet­ter man­age pro­vi­sion and invoicing.

  • Track your team’s work hours.

    Weezeven­t’s cash­less sys­tem enables staff to sign-in so that you can track your team’s work hours. An easy way to man­age your HR and payroll.

  • Drinks vouchers, free tickets for business partners…anything is possible!

    With Weezevent’s cash­less sys­tem, you can cre­ate alter­na­tive cur­ren­cies in euros or items. Your vol­un­teers, providers or part­ners can be grant­ed free cred­it. All of it is record­ed in your book­keep­ing for your convenience.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-paybrac

    One online account for several cashless devices.

    Offer more flex­i­bil­i­ty to your atten­dees in terms of bud­get man­age­ment. With one email address, your atten­dees can man­age oth­er cash­less devices e.g. those of their part­ner, chil­dren, friends, etc.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-iframepay

    An integrated widget on your website and emails in your colour scheme.

    Our cash­less plug-in eas­i­ly inte­grates to your web­site or mobile app. You can cus­tomise the colour of the but­tons and links. Top up con­fir­ma­tion, account cre­ation and refund emails can be ful­ly customised.

Easily track your top-ups thanks to our connected credit card terminals.

For­get about remote data col­lec­tion at the end of the day, enjoy reli­able, real-time track­ing for each trans­ac­tion! Make your banker’s work eas­i­er and pre­vent typ­ing errors!


A solution that adapts to all types of events!

Cash­less is a ver­sa­tile tool that eas­i­ly adapts to dif­fer­ent sec­tors and their par­tic­u­lar needs. A vari­ety of organ­is­ers trust our Weez­Pay solu­tion to help improve the expe­ri­ence of their audi­ences and opti­mise their turnover: fes­ti­vals, sports clubs, exhi­bi­tions, camp­sites, food courts…


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Frequently asked questions

  • Which device should I choose as my event’s cashless system?

    There are sev­er­al options to choose from
    There are as many devices as you can think of! Almost any­thing is pos­si­ble when it comes to devices and cus­tomi­sa­tion. High­ly appre­ci­at­ed of fes­ti­val organ­is­ers, the wrist­band is con­ve­nient and can be used as an access tick­et to an event. The card is also appre­ci­at­ed by plan­ners because this solu­tion is both con­ve­nient and reas­sur­ing. Regard­less of your choice, our cards and wrist­bands are made from 60% recy­cled PVC.

  • How does cashless work prior to the event?

    From your website
    When an attendee pur­chas­es his/her tick­et online or through tra­di­tion­al retail­ers, he/she can cre­ate and top-up their cash­less account using the tick­et’s bar-code. On the day of the event, his/her tick­et will be linked to the NFC device and the attendee can imme­di­ate­ly spend the mon­ey on the account. If the attendee pur­chas­es their tick­et from a Weezevent tick­et­ing plug-in, he/she can direct­ly top-up the account at check-out!

  • Is the system reliable and secure?

    It is very safe
    Our pay­ment mod­ule is secure and cer­ti­fied by Glob­al­Sign, which pre­vents visu­al­i­sa­tion of bank­ing data by non-autho­rised peo­ple through encryp­tion of the data trans­mis­sion. The safe­ty of your mon­ey and that of the atten­dees is essen­tial and we make sure to keep it secure. Dur­ing your event, cash­less sys­tems reduce the risk of fraud and pre­vent theft!