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Weezevent supports more than 500 festivals and fully understands each event’s specific challenges. Choosing Weezevent means having the best tools at your disposal to ensure your festival’s success – online ticket sales and bookings, access control, cashless payments, etc.

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Guaranteed success for your festival!

Plan­ning an event as sig­nif­i­cant as a fes­ti­val takes a lot of ener­gy! The logis­tics required are very spe­cif­ic. You need to think about the venue, the pro­gramme, invite the media, find spon­sors, etc. Weezevent helps you sell your tick­ets online, pre­vent fraud and man­age access at var­i­ous entrances, wel­come your VIPs and the press, secure trans­ac­tions and reduce wait­ing times thanks to cash­less pay­ments.

  • Effortlessly sell your tickets and passes
  • Control access to your festival
  • Use cashless to secure your transactions

Manage your attendees with Your festival begins the moment you start selling tickets!

Your audi­ence is the deci­sion mak­er when it comes to your festival’s suc­cess and rep­u­ta­tion. It’s impor­tant to meet their expec­ta­tions. Thanks to Weezevent, you can man­age all the steps from online reg­is­tra­tion to check-in on the day:

  • Cre­ate unique online tick­ets in a few clicks
  • Set-up your tick­et types — Day pass, week-end pass, camp­ing pack­age…
  • Cus­tomise your tick­ets and e‑tickets in your festival’s brand­ing
  • Sell your tick­ets using our secure online pay­ment sys­tem
  • Add your tick­et­ing mod­ule to your web­site or cre­ate a ded­i­cat­ed min­isite
  • Grow your offer using cross-sell­ing: mer­chan­dis­ing, shut­tles, camp­ing, and more
  • Com­mu­ni­cate all the use­ful infor­ma­tion about your fes­ti­val: trans­ports, accept­ed and for­bid­den items at the fes­ti­val, etc.

Your atten­dees will receive their tick­et by email, so they only need to bring it with them on the day of the fes­ti­val.

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Manage your attendees: artists, festivalgoers, press, VIPs…

Sim­pli­fy your attendee man­age­ment using Weezevent:

  • Cre­ate pass­es and press accred­i­ta­tions
  • Send invi­ta­tions to your VIPs and part­ners
  • Sell on loca­tion using Weezevent box offices
  • Analyse your atten­dees’ con­sump­tion behav­iour and habits using the data col­lect­ed

Weezevent is a key asset in the plan­ning and logis­tics of a suc­cess­ful fes­ti­val!


Your festival, our technology.

  • Easy to use

    Most large fes­ti­vals already use our soft­ware with great results. Our expert project man­agers are respon­sive and avail­able to sup­port you.

  • The right tools

    Cre­ate online reg­is­tra­tion forms, export the data you col­lect­ed from your audi­ence, plan email­ing cam­paigns for the next edi­tion of your fes­ti­val…

  • Safety first

    Our ser­vices are safe because we under­stand that your data and finan­cial trans­ac­tions are valu­able. We are com­mit­ted to pro­tect­ing them at all times.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-terminalaccess-1900x1425

    Simplify your festival organisation.

    Set-up your con­trol lists before the fes­ti­val and man­age your var­i­ous cat­e­gories of atten­dees: press, VIPs, campers, etc. Con­trol access to your fes­ti­val: entrance, camp­ing, artists’ area… and pre­vent fraud. Our pro­fes­sion­al access con­trol devices help you scan tick­ets and pass­es at the speed of light. Mobile or fixed, they sync in real time and can even scan tick­ets sold by resellers such as Dig­i­tick, Tick­et­Mas­ter, etc. So, what’s stop­ping you?

  • weezevent-wf-illu-paybrac

    Make a difference with cashless!

    Dema­te­ri­alise pay­ments at your fes­ti­val and offer your audi­ence the pos­si­bil­i­ty to top-up their device (card or wrist­band) before and dur­ing the event. Cre­ate points of sale (bars, mer­chan­dis­ing booths, etc.) and top-up areas. Set-up your items and pay­ment ter­mi­nals. Cre­ate free­bies for your staff and VIPs. Track your sales num­bers in real time and fol­low your inven­to­ry sta­tus. No more fraud. Orders are placed quick­er and wait­ing times at points of sale are low­er!

On the horizon - your next editions!

For­get about the stress of book­keep­ing at the end of the fes­ti­val. You can now access your com­plete trans­ac­tions his­to­ry online from your event plan­ner space. Export those data to analyse them and pre­pare your next edi­tion in the best con­di­tions. Use detailed scan­ning reports to assess your HR needs. Weezevent helps you plan so you don’t have to leave any­thing to chance!

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