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Looking for a summer job? Do you like festivals? Combine the two by joining the Weezevent team at the biggest festivals in Europe! Scroll down to start an adventure this summer!


  • +100 open positions
  • From May to September 2023
  • At over 200 festivals
  • All profiles welcome

Work seasonally for Weezevent, what does it mean?

During the height of the event calendar, we call upon freelancers, fixed term contracts, and seasonal interns to guarantee a quality support to all organizers using Weezevent solutions.

Alongside a project manager, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Prepare and deploy the hardware on site;
  • Training the organiser’s teams on our software (cashless, ticketing and access);
  • Respond to participants’ questions;
  • Ensure the integrity of the equipment throughout the operation;
  • Create a bond with the organiser’s teams.
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Why should you apply?

Join our team to enter the exciting world of event, and acquire field experience on Europe’s biggest festivals.

Whether it’s for a single shift or numerous festivals, and regardless of your experience or skills, your summer job will be unlike any other!

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In the words of a seasonal staff member…

“During this summer, you will be working on a large number of events, and will have a role behind the scenes. You will have unforgettable experiences, made of joy, stress, excitement, fatigue and pride.”

Nicolas, working with since 2018.


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