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You have found a venue for your event, set a budget, picked a date… It is time to register your first attendees by creating an event on Weezevent!

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Create more than an event with Weezevent

Planning an event requires the best tools. Weezevent’s solution has everything you need to be ready before, during and after the big day. Ticketing, registrations, attendees management, sales stats, nothing is out of your control.

A solution for all your events

  • Free

    Create your event without spending a penny.

  • Fast

    You’ll only need a few clicks to bring your project to life.

  • Unique

    Customise it as much as you would like: rates, ticket design, website...

  • The basics to get started

    You would like to bring a project to life? Lay the foundation by creating your event on Weezevent. Decide on a name and select the type of event that you are organising: party, concert, festival, workshop, tournament, etc. Anything is possible! Choose a date, specify the location and set prices. Add a link to your website and write a short event description… Publish it and you’re done.

  • Further develop your event at your own pace

    Your event is not completely ready? You are still unsure about the event calendar and the venue? You wish to wait to receive a few quotes before publishing your event online? There is no rush. When you create your event on Weezevent, it is automatically saved as a draft. Only you can see it. Just change the status of your event when you are ready to make it public!

Save your audience some time

To manage your event’s registrations, adapt to the purchasing behaviour of your attendees and choose an online box office. With WeezTicket, give them the possibility to purchase online and access all the details about your event: calendar, venue, price, practical information, etc.

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Design your virtual box office

You can customise your entire box office and set it up the way you like:

  • Add a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per order
  • Accept refunds
  • Offer to issue invoices
  • Customise the terms of sale
  • Adjust the period of time before the shopping basket is reset
  • Etc.
  • Set your prices and currencies

    You can create your event in French, English or Spanish and choose your currency. Accept registrations and manage payments yourself. Customise rates, names, categories and quotas for different prices...anything is possible with Weezevent!

  • Send customised messages

    With Weezevent, you can display default messages on your box office. They can be edited and deactivated - they are there to inform your attendees about the progress of sales. Set them up for the following situations: ∙ The participant has completed its order ∙ No ticket is available for sale ∙ A rate quota is full

Bring your Weezevent box office to life

  • Facilitate the online purchase experience for your attendees
  • Sell on location with your Weezevent ticket office
  • Print your tickets in advance
  • See your sales stats in real time

Integrate a sales plug-in to your website...

Dedicate a page of your website to your box office by integrating Weezevent’s ticketing plug-in. Depending on your preference, choose a pop-up window or an iFrame. Insert a button on one of your website’s pages and redirect visitors to a pop-up window. Alternatively, use an iFrame and directly integrate the ticketing plug-in on your website’s dedicated page. If you don’t have a website, Weezevent gives you the possibility to create a mini-site for your event. Edit it however you like and most importantly, share it! You can update it anytime.

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… and find it on Facebook!

Social media is critical to your event’s communication process. If you have at least 2,000 fans, integrate your Weezevent ticketing plug-in on your Facebook page. You have fewer than 2,000? Create a button for your page that will redirect to your ticketing plug-in. You can also add this button to your Facebook event in a few clicks.

  • Design your tickets in your image

    When an attendee places an order, they automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. A PDF ticket is attached to that message. They can print it or store it on their phone for the day of the event. Communicating with a look that is yours is critical. Customise your tickets and e-tickets for free with WeezTicket. Define a style for each rate category by editing the text and importing images from your planner space.

  • Hand out unique invitations

    Your partners and VIPs deserve the best, and that's also worth for tickets. Send them exclusive invitations by e-mail. Enclosed will be a personal message along with the ticket. You can also send them by post if you’d like. Print your invitations from your event manager section, get a stamp, an envelope… and you're done.

Set up a cross-selling option

Sell more tickets using Weezevent. Offer to your attendees the possibility to purchase items at the same time as their tickets. It could be products such as goodies or clothes. You can set up different formats, sizes and colours. You can also sell services: shuttle tickets to access your event venue, meal deals, parking space, etc. Anything is possible and customisable! Once the ticket is selected, the buyer will automatically see these additional offers.

Design 2D and 3D maps of your venue

WeezTicket is adapted to all types of venues and all kinds of capacities. You can choose between free or allocated seating depending on the layout of the venue. If you choose numbered seating, Weezevent offers you to create a 2D or 3D representation of your venue so that your attendees can select the seat of their choice. You can combine free and allocated seating by setting up the different areas from your planner section.

Let's get started

Generate promo codes

Using promo codes, you can offer preferential rates to some of your attendees. Create as many promo codes as you need. Give them different names, choose the amount of the discount to apply, limit the number of uses, etc. Promo codes can attract newcomers but also strengthen the loyalty of your existing customers. You can even create them once the event is public!

  • Ready in 5 min
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month

Create registration forms

Collect your attendees’ data using a registration form. Customise it to each rate. Use pre-defined fields or create some new ones, change their order, etc. Once you have set up your form, activate it and start collecting the data you need. Your customer file is automatically built. You just have to export it in CSV format.

Set up a unique access system

Create areas to manage access and give passes to your partners and teams. Choose the right terminal for your needs and increase the flow of your entrances. Keep control using WeezAccess.

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Innovate with dematerialised payment

Secure your transactions using WeezPay cashless system. Customise your cashless module from your planner account and integrate it to your website. Create top-up points and points of sale on location. Set up your payment terminals and the products for sale. The ball is in your court!

  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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