Test event in Barcelona: a return to live

Test event in Barcelona: a return to live

The 27th March 2021 saw Weezevent back in the thick of it as the appoint­ed tech­no­log­i­cal part­ner of a test con­cert held in Barcelona. The sys­tem was set up for an event called “Fes­ti­vals per la Cul­tura Segu­ra” with 5,000 spec­ta­tors and no social dis­tanc­ing. The goal was to deploy an agreed pro­to­col allow­ing events to take place dur­ing the Coro­n­avirus cri­sis.

Summary of the protocol


Screening rooms in Barcelona

On the day of the con­cert 3 part­ner venues of the event were trans­formed into screen­ing cen­ters includ­ing the Apo­lo Hall in the heart of Barcelona.

Before leav­ing home each par­tic­i­pant was asked to enter their tick­et num­ber and their name into the even­t’s mobile app in order to gen­er­ate an indi­vid­ual iden­ti­fi­er in the form of a QR Code.

Set appoint­ments were giv­en between 8 am and 5 pm where­by each attendee was test­ed in accor­dance with a strict health pro­to­col.

5000 tests

Iden­ti­ty checks were car­ried out onsite and atten­dees were issued with a stick­er dis­play­ing a QR code which was tied to their test results and rel­e­vant per­son­al infor­ma­tion.

The next step was test­ing at one of the 14 booths set up at the Apo­lo by the local Uni­ver­si­ty hos­pi­tal. In total there were more than 60 booths installed across the 3 test cen­tres.

The technology service

Once the test has been tak­en, a QR Code was stuck on the sam­ple tak­en before being scanned by the oper­a­tor. This start­ed a 15 minute count­down, the time need­ed to get the test results. The QR Code also made it pos­si­ble to know in which booth the test was car­ried out.

While wait­ing for the result, atten­dees were able to check the sta­tus for their test via the even­t’s mobile appli­ca­tion.

On the ter­mi­nal present in each booth a 15 minute count­down was trig­gered for any test per­formed. The oper­a­tor was informed as soon as a result became avail­able.

When the 15 min­utes was up, the oper­a­tor sim­ply scanned the QR Code of the sam­ple and entered in the result: green = neg­a­tive test, red = pos­i­tive test, orange = unknown result.

Results were deliv­ered to the attendee via the even­t’s mobile app and at this point their tick­et became valid for access if a neg­a­tive result was achieved.

To the concert!

Despite the extra steps required to gain access to the venue it was a very smooth onsite oper­a­tion.

The first check was a visu­al one of the ID asso­ci­at­ed with the entry QR Code.

FFP2 masks were dis­trib­uted to the queue. They had to be worn to enter and remain in the venue dur­ing the con­cert.

Every attendee had their tem­per­a­ture tak­en.

Our access con­trol devices scanned the QR codes to con­firm the neg­a­tive sta­tus and a final iden­ti­ty check of each attendee was car­ried out.


Atten­dees were divid­ed into 3 dis­tinct areas and had access to ded­i­cat­ed cater­ing points. Masks were worn for the entire dura­tion.

To find out more about Weezevent and our tick­et­ing, cash­less and access con­trol solu­tions please get in touch.


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