Weezevent report: Behind the scenes of an extraordinary season

Weezevent report: Behind the scenes of an extraordinary season

After 2 years of stop-and-start activity due to the Pandemic, the event industry saw a rapid and intense return to normality. Despite this, Weezevent returned on an international level: for the first time, our ticketing, cashless and access control solutions were deployed in more than 20 countries across 4 continents.

At the end of a summer full of challenges, we established ourselves as a leading player in the European events sector thanks to reliable, agile technology which enabled the distribution of 8 million tickets and the activation of over 5 million cashless chips.

To accurately reflect the reality on the ground and the difficulties faced by organisers, we’ve produced a mini-documentary to highlight the successes and challenges we met as we developed and renewed your trust in unprecedented circumstances.

Director Mathias Garnier, photo journalist for magazines including Sept à Huit, 66 minutes and more, highlights Weezevent’s expertise, which is embodied in the unwavering commitment of our 120 employees.

“Through this documentary, we tried to give an unfiltered behind-the-scenes view of our activity, far from the clichés of the start-up scene. It was important for us to highlight the remarkable investment of our teams in difficult circumstances, and all the energy deployed behind the scenes to make our clients’ events a success.” – Pierre-Henri Deballon, CEO of Weezevent.

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