How to organise webmarketing conferences?

How to organise webmarketing conferences?

Once more, let’s have a look at an event that caught our atten­tion — Webis­land. For the past cou­ple of years, this day of web mar­ket­ing con­fer­ences found a way to stand out from oth­er pro­fes­sion­al events in Nantes, France, thanks to a unique con­tent offering. 

Lau­ra, organ­is­er of Webis­land, details below how she and her team pre­pare these con­fer­ences. You’ll find a lot of valu­able tips and tricks, what­ev­er the type of event you are planning. 

Hello Laura! Let’s get straight into it — Can you please tell us what Webisland is?

Webis­land is a full day of con­fer­ences ded­i­cat­ed to web acqui­si­tion and con­ver­sion. We talk about web mar­ket­ing, UX, data, and more. This year, we wel­comed 300 atten­dees includ­ing mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als, agency and client-side employ­ees, free­lancers and stu­dents. Our audi­ence is a mix. Atten­dees main­ly come from the larg­er Nantes area but this year we also had peo­ple from Paris, Reims and Bor­deaux. We are most­ly known local­ly due pri­mar­i­ly to the fact that this is only our sec­ond year of run­ning this conference. 

What did you do to stand out from other web and marketing events?

We thought long and hard about this, par­tic­u­lar­ly because Nantes already hosts a huge event called Web2Day gath­er­ing 7,000 peo­ple. So, we decid­ed to adopt an edi­to­r­i­al approach based on tan­gi­ble actions. In our guide­lines to speak­ers, we ask that they present rec­om­men­da­tions that the audi­ence will be able to apply in their job as soon as the next day. This is very impor­tant to us. This is what attracts a very tar­get­ed oper­a­tional-mind­ed audience. 

After the event, is there anything you implement to increase customer loyalty?

We always send an email con­tain­ing the speak­ers’ pre­sen­ta­tions because that’s what the atten­dees ask for. We also include a feed­back sur­vey to under­stand their expe­ri­ence and recruit vol­un­teers, etc. This is very impor­tant to us because it enables us to improve the fol­low­ing con­fer­ences. Even if we receive feed­back at the event itself, the sur­vey is a good way to keep a record of it. We can then go through it a cou­ple of months lat­er and use the feed­back as a basis for what to do next. 

Did it allow you to improve the conference in year 2 compared with year 1? And does it give you ideas for year 3?

From the 1st to the 2nd con­fer­ence, we decid­ed to change venues. The first venue could wel­come 150 peo­ple — it was a school that we could use free of charge. We decid­ed to increase capac­i­ty and upgrade the venue so we organ­ised the event at the CCI, the Cham­ber of Com­merce and Indus­try. We also con­tract­ed a cater­er. And in terms of con­tent, we invite new speak­ers each year. We have a few ideas for the next con­fer­ence but it’s still too ear­ly to real­ly say what we will improve upon.

Let’s move to a more tangible element — online ticketing. What criteria did you use to choose yours?

We saw that oth­er events used your solu­tion, includ­ing Web2Day that I men­tioned ear­li­er. So we thought that Weezevent must be a good solution…and it is! It allows us to do every­thing we need: var­i­ous tick­et types and quo­tas, export­ing data on atten­dees, sta­tis­tics. And the price is attrac­tive. 99p deduct­ed from each tick­et, for us this is not a very high fee. 

About the ticketing, do you have specific requirements? Do you have custom settings in place for your event?

One new ele­ment this year was our “Cor­po­rate” pack­age. We want­ed the event to run on a Fri­day rather than a Sat­ur­day to see if we could con­vince adver­tis­ers to attend. Thanks to Weezevent, we could cre­ate batch­es of 5 tick­ets. Com­pa­nies could there­fore pur­chase one or more batch­es of tick­ets to allo­cate to their employ­ees. We also want­ed to know who buys which tick­ets or batch­es and cre­ate sim­ple forms with cus­tom fields. For us that was critical. 

At the same time, we cus­tomised the tick­et design to offer a user expe­ri­ence tai­lored to each audi­ence from start to fin­ish. This was most­ly the case in year 1. We had sev­er­al food menus, and each per­son could pick up their food accord­ing to their tick­et. It was very use­ful to have cus­tom tickets.

I would also say that being able to add the tick­et­ing to our web­site is fan­tas­tic because it’s effort­less for us. And the T&Cs are includ­ed in your solu­tion. Account­ing-wise every­thing is auto­mat­ed, I just need to export the info and I’m done! And sta­tis­tics about the audi­ence are very use­ful to us. For instance, know­ing at what moment in time peo­ple pur­chase their tick­ets. We saw on the pur­chas­ing curve that atten­dees book their tick­ets just before the event so next year we will be able to adjust our com­mu­ni­ca­tion strat­e­gy accordingly. 

Any last words for our readers, event planners like you?

We are a small organ­i­sa­tion so we don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly have a lot of advice to give, but one thing is for sure — we could not organ­ise our event with­out Weezevent. Hav­ing an all-in-one tool that includes book­keep­ing, sales and more is a must. And con­sid­er­ing the price, we don’t even hes­i­tate and we already know we will use Weezevent again next year!

Thank you Laura and have a great preparation for year 3 of Webisland!

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