<meet the team> Carlo, Head of International Operations

<meet the team> Carlo, Head of International Operations

At Weezevent, we believe in the power of a team that brings together talents from all horizons. Carlo, Head of Operations for Belgium, Germany and the UK, is a perfect example. His international career illustrates how personal experiences enrich our company and contribute to our overall success.

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    1. Tell us about your career to date

    My career began in Italy, my native country, where I studied Applied Foreign Languages. During my studies, I developed a passion for event management, taking an active part in various festivals and exhibitions as a volunteer or seasonal worker.

    After university, I naturally gravitated towards the cultural and events sector, particularly in Barcelona where I was involved in organising various events. My career also took me to Istanbul, where I worked on exhibition and music festival projects.

    In 2015, I joined PlayPass as Project Manager (CSM) in Spain, and then moved to Belgium to take up the position of Head of CSM. With the merger of PlayPass and Weezevent, I was given the opportunity to become Head of Operations for the Belgian, German and UK markets, a role in which I contribute to the expansion and success of Weezevent internationally.

    2. What are your duties within your department?

    My main mission is to ensure that all projects are successfully executed, taking into account the many variables and challenges that international events present.

    My day-to-day work focuses on 3 main areas:

    • I manage the HR aspects, monitoring the CSM, seasonal and Operations teams.
    • I work closely with the Heads of CSM to ensure that our customers’ projects are properly monitored.
    • I look after logistics for the German, UK and Belgian markets.

    This year, for example, we set up a new warehouse in Germany. This meant finding suitable space and creating a stock of local terminals to reduce our dependence on French stock.

    During the summer, my focus is mainly on logistics and monitoring projects with the Heads of CSM. I often find myself on the front line of the most complex projects, offering both support and expertise. Outside the peak season, I focus more on HR and long-term planning.

    I work closely with two international Heads of CSM based in Paris and Antwerp, as well as logistics assistants in Belgium and Germany. To deploy our technologies at events in these 3 markets, we employ around 130 seasonal workers, students and freelancers.

    3. Can you tell us about a project you’re proud of?

    I was able to play a significant role in the integration of the PlayPass teams within Weezevent. This period represented a real challenge, as it was essential to ensure that members of both companies felt fully integrated and valued.

    This merger required a major reorganisation of roles. Its success was a key moment for me, not only for the operational successes achieved, but also for the growth and evolution it represented for our team.

    4. What challenges do you face in your daily work?

    The main challenge in my role at Weezevent is preparing the team before the peak summer season. Every year, we work hard to ensure that our team is robust and skilled enough to manage the summer peak effectively, turning the challenge into an opportunity for growth and excellence.
    A crucial aspect of this preparation is the constant improvement of our procedures and tools.

    To maintain a balance in my day-to-day life and recharge my batteries, I enjoy activities such as kite surfing and cycling, and I enjoy going to concerts with my friends. After the high season, I take a break by travelling with my backpack, which helps me recharge and prepare for the following year.

    5. How do you work with the other Weezevent teams?

    In my role at Weezevent, working with different teams is crucial. I work closely with the logistics, HR and CSM teams to ensure effective coordination and sharing of resources between the different operating countries.

    With logistics, our collaboration focuses on dynamic international stock management, constantly adapting resources to the specific needs of each market.

    In terms of procedures, I work with the Heads of CSM to standardise our practices across the different countries, ensuring regular communication to maintain operational harmony.

    Finally, my collaboration with the HR department is essential, especially for contract management and recruitment.

    Based in Brussels, I travel frequently to Antwerp and Paris to maintain the link, an important practice for the success of our company internationally.

    6. How would you describe Weezevent to a stranger?

    For me, Weezevent can be described in three words: Exciting, Excellence and Challenge.

    Exciting: Working at Weezevent means immersing yourself in an environment full of the unexpected. The frenetic pace of the events business, with its ups and downs, makes every project and every event exciting and rewarding.

    Excellence: What strikes me most about Weezevent is the exceptional quality of the people I work with. We have a highly competent, committed and motivated team. Their innovative ideas and in-depth product and market knowledge contribute to the excellence of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

    Challenge: Working at Weezevent is a constant challenge. The seasonal nature of our industry demands great energy and the ability to adapt quickly. This can be both motivating and demanding, especially during the summer months when work intensity is at its peak. This dynamic offers a rewarding and stimulating professional experience.

    At Weezevent, we’re always looking for dynamic and passionate people to join our team. If you’re inspired by stories like Carlo’s and want to help shape the future of events, we invite you to explore our job opportunities.


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