Places of worship and religious events: Managing registrations and entries

Since the appearance of Covid-19, various measures have been taken by governmental and local authorities to limit the spread of the virus at gatherings, including a maximum number of people in a space, physical distancing between groups, and so on. These changes, asked of organisers of gatherings, could last until a 100% reliable solution to the virus is found. Simple solutions allow you to manage registrations and entries to your religious events and places of worship while respecting the protective measures.


  1. Manage attendance in advance
  2. Monitor the number of people on site

1. Manage attendance in advance

Why set up a registration module?

It’s difficult for an organiser to predict whether or not the limit on the number of attendees will be exceeded on the day of their religious or spiritual event — e.g. celebrations, ceremonies, parties, concerts, vigils, etc. Having to refuse entry to some attendees at the entrance to your place of worship is even more difficult.  The easiest way to manage attendance at your gathering is to ask your members to pre-register online, allowing them to attend while you limit the number of entries available.

If your place of worship — e.g. a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc. — is required to comply with a limit on the number of people at gatherings, use an online registration solution that will allow you to easily set a maximum number of entries, which you’ll determine beforehand according to the set-up of the space and the constraints imposed. All you’ll then have to do is tell your members how to make a booking.

On D-day, you won’t need to refuse entry to potential attendees who come without having registered previously. Inform them of the arrangement and let them in at the last moment if you find that the attendee limit has not been exceeded. If your place of worship is full, remind them of the registration process and invite them to register for your next gathering.

How do I set up a registration module?

With Weezevent’s intuitive solution, start proposing online registrations for your religious or spiritual gatherings now. Follow these 3 steps to configure your module in just a few minutes:

Tip: If members of your organisation are not comfortable with technological tools, you can provide them with a phone number so that they can let you know when they’ll be at the gathering. You can then register them yourself on your registration module using the Add attendees feature.

2. Monitor the number of people on site

Anticipating the number of people who will attend your gathering is essential. Checking registrations on site to avoid exceeding the set attendee limit is even better. There are several solutions that allow you to achieve this without difficulties and with no need for any technical expertise.

The two solutions that are best suited to access control for religious or spiritual events are using a physical checklist and managing entries by mobile phone with the WeezAccess application. However, depending on your needs and the number of attendees, you also have the option of validating your registrations with a computer/tablet or scanning them in with WeezAccess Pro terminals.

These different options allow you to manage entries and registrations while avoiding physical contact between your members and your staff. Weezevent’s solutions allow you to keep them safe through the use of strict protective measures within your place of worship. Click on the button below and discover all the other features provided with our solutions for managing your online registrations:

Manage your online registrations

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