7 game ideas to liven up your cocktail party

7 game ideas to liven up your cocktail party

Have you organised a cocktail party with your friends and are looking for activity ideas to entertain your guests? Here are 7 ideas for original, simple games that don’t need equipment to liven up your next cocktail party. Individually or in teams, these games are perfect for having a good time.


    1. Who am I?

    “Who am I?” is a party game that is always a hit with friends. The game is simple: each player has to guess whom the person or character on their forehead is by asking questions to their teammates. But beware, only closed questions (that can only be answered yes or no) are allowed. When an answer is negative, it is the next player’s turn to ask a question. The first to guess wins the game! Are you ready to test your brain and have fun with your friends?

    2. The Werewolf

    This game is a must for evenings out with friends. The game aims to find out who the werewolves are among the players. No need for equipment; you and your friends appoint a leader who will give each player their role. Players close their eyes, and the leader gives instructions. Are you ready to start this adventure? Use your inventiveness and deduction skills to win the game!

    3. Who is the most…?

    The “Who’s the Most” game is perfect for having fun with your friends by making fun of each other. Here’s how to play: each player, in turns, asks a question starting with “who is the most…” (e.g. “who is the most athletic?”, “who is the most absent-minded?”, etc.). Once the player has asked the question, all the other players must point to the person they think best fits the description. The person with the most votes must take a sip or pledge, whichever you prefer.

    4. Time’s Up

    Time’s Up is a great way to entertain guests at your next cocktail party. It is a fun activity that will test your general knowledge, memory and speed! Form teams of at least two and up to four players to play. Before the game starts, each player writes down the names of celebrities or characters on a piece of paper and puts them in a bowl. Set the number of names each player has to write according to the desired length of the game (from 3 to 10 per person).
    Players take turns to have their team guess these names in three rounds. In the first round, the player who picks the names has 30 seconds to speak and make his teammates guess them. In the second round, he can only use one word to make his teammates guess the name. Finally, in the third round, he must switch to mime. Which team can guess the most characters? Get ready for a moment full of complicity and laughter!

    5. In my suitcase

    “In my suitcase” game is a must to liven up your cocktail party! It’s a great way to have fun while testing your memory and imagination. The game is straightforward: the first player starts by mentioning an object in his suitcase and completing the sentence “In my suitcase I have …”. The other players take turns completing the sentence by adding a new object.
    If a player repeats an object already added to the suitcase, hesitates for more than 5 seconds or makes a mistake in the order of the objects listed, he has lost. A tip to spice up the game: find unusual objects or objects whose names are difficult to pronounce to make your friends laugh and challenge them! So, are you ready to put your memory to the test?

    6. The dictionary game

    The dictionary game is perfect for evenings out with friends! It’s a chance to laugh while showing off your lying skills. To play, a player has to search for a little-known word and show it to the other players. Each person must then invent a credible definition of the word and discreetly give it to the game master. The game master will then read all the guests’ definitions out loud, along with the actual definition. The players must then vote for the definition they think is right, and the one that receives the most votes wins. It’s a simple game but much fun, so get creative!

    7. Card games

    Card games are an ideal option for an evening out with friends! Not only are they easy to set up, as all you need is a pack of cards, but there are endless possibilities for fun. Whether you prefer strategy games or games of chance, there is always a variant that will suit your group. There are many possible choices for a night out with friends, both classic and less known. Remember that you can always create your own rules and invent new games! So why not get out your pack of cards and have a wild game?

    With all these ideas, whether you opt for a strategy game, a mime game or a card game, your cocktail party will surely be a success!

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