10 themes for your next event

10 themes for your next event

Some­times it can be dif­fi­cult to find the per­fect theme for your event. Whether you are organ­is­ing a cor­po­rate event, a con­gress, a con­fer­ence, a stu­dent par­ty or an event for clients, there is a suit­able theme for your event. To help you get start­ed, here are 10 ideas to explore. Get inspired and bring your next par­ty to life.


    1. Casino Royale

    The casi­no theme is per­fect if you want to organ­ise an event with glam­our and sophis­ti­ca­tion. To devel­op this theme, you can use casi­no-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as chips, play­ing cards and Las Vegas flags.
    You can also organ­ise casi­no games, such as roulette, black­jack and pok­er, to enter­tain the atten­dees. To add even more fun to your par­ty, you can employ a pro­fes­sion­al croupi­er or sug­gest cos­tumes for your guests to get into the role of real casi­no play­ers.

    2. Far West Show

    The west­ern theme is ide­al for a light­heart­ed and fun event. To imple­ment this theme, you can use “wild west” inspired dec­o­ra­tions, plas­tic guns and cow­boy hats and set up a saloon-style bar area. You can also organ­ise west­ern activ­i­ties such as water pis­tol duels, rodeos or horse rid­ing to enter­tain your guests.
    Don’t for­get to play a sound­track of west­ern music to get your guests in the mood. Final­ly, don’t hes­i­tate to encour­age your guests to dress up as cow­boys for even more fun.

    3. Space theme

    The space theme is an orig­i­nal option for any event, whether it is a com­pa­ny par­ty or a gala. It is a theme that cre­ates a mys­te­ri­ous and aes­thet­i­cal­ly appeal­ing noc­tur­nal atmos­phere. To set it up, you can use space-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as stars, plan­ets and install light pro­jec­tions to enhance the cos­mic atmos­phere. You can also choose futur­is­tic cos­tumes and acces­sories to add a touch of fan­ta­sy to your event.

    4. Cabaret Dream

    The cabaret theme is ide­al for bring­ing ele­gance and sen­su­al­i­ty to an event and allow­ing all guests to show off their most ele­gant attire. To play with this theme, you can use cabaret-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as neon lights, feath­ers and rhine­stones. It is also a theme that allows you to include enter­tain­ment that will delight atten­dees. For exam­ple, you can organ­ise bur­lesque danc­ing or mag­ic shows to enter­tain them.

    5. Disco Funk Fever

    The dis­co-funk theme is ide­al for an event that is all about fun and gets peo­ple in a par­ty mood. To devel­op this theme, you can use dis­co-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as dis­co balls, beads, neon lights and mir­rors. You can also include a dis­co-funk playlist to set the mood. Don’t for­get to set up a dance floor so that atten­dees can dance the night away to their favourite hits.

    6. Funfair

    The fun­fair theme is ide­al for tak­ing atten­dees back to their child­hood with an event that will delight the most play­ful. To use this theme, you can use dec­o­ra­tions and ani­ma­tions such as mer­ry-go-rounds, can­dy stalls and food trucks. Don’t for­get to include fes­tive music to accom­pa­ny the fair theme. You can also organ­ise a com­pe­ti­tion to choose the best cos­tume and add a touch of fun to your event.

    7. Boho under the stars

    The bohemi­an theme is per­fect for a qui­et and relaxed event. This theme is ide­al for out­door events. You can use bohemi­an-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as patch­work cush­ions, lace table­cloths and scent­ed can­dles. You can even place all this on the lawn. Put some folk music on to com­plete the atmos­phere of your event.

    8. Hollywood

    The Hol­ly­wood theme is ide­al for putting the spot­light on the atten­dees of a gala event. To play with this theme, you can use film-inspired décors such as pro­jec­tors, red vel­vet cush­ions and arm­chairs, cult film posters and the icon­ic red car­pet. You can also use the occa­sion to organ­ise a mul­ti­me­dia pro­jec­tion.

    9. Bollywood

    Why not choose the charm and colour of Bol­ly­wood? It is the per­fect theme for any event that aims to be fes­tive and joy­ful. For this theme, you can use Indi­an-inspired dec­o­ra­tions.
    Don’t for­get to include an Indi­an buf­fet with typ­i­cal Indi­an dish­es such as biryani or samosas. You can also set up a bar area with orig­i­nal cock­tails based on las­si (an Indi­an milk drink) and chai (Indi­an tea). For enter­tain­ment, you can set up a pho­to cor­ner with Bol­ly­wood cos­tumes, bead­ed jew­ellery, tra­di­tion­al cos­tumes and wigs. Last but not least, organ­ise a dance par­ty with an Indi­an music playlist to set the mood.

    10. Tropical beach

    The trop­i­cal theme is ide­al for an event with a sun­ny, warm and cheer­ful atmos­phere. To devel­op this theme, you can use trop­i­cal island-inspired dec­o­ra­tions such as arti­fi­cial palm trees, shells and exot­ic flow­ers. You can also put on some Latin music to com­plete the atmos­phere of your event. Don’t for­get to include exot­ic cock­tails and trop­i­cal fruits to make your guests feel like they are on hol­i­day.

    With such a diver­si­ty of themes, you only have to choose the one you like best.

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