10 themes for your next event

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect theme for your event. Whether you are organising a corporate event, a congress, a conference, a student party or an event for clients, there is a suitable theme for your event. To help you get started, here are 10 ideas to explore. Get inspired and bring your next party to life.


    1. Casino Royale

    The casino theme is perfect if you want to organise an event with glamour and sophistication. To develop this theme, you can use casino-inspired decorations such as chips, playing cards and Las Vegas flags.
    You can also organise casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, to entertain the attendees. To add even more fun to your party, you can employ a professional croupier or suggest costumes for your guests to get into the role of real casino players.

    2. Far West Show

    The western theme is ideal for a lighthearted and fun event. To implement this theme, you can use “wild west” inspired decorations, plastic guns and cowboy hats and set up a saloon-style bar area. You can also organise western activities such as water pistol duels, rodeos or horse riding to entertain your guests.
    Don’t forget to play a soundtrack of western music to get your guests in the mood. Finally, don’t hesitate to encourage your guests to dress up as cowboys for even more fun.

    3. Space theme

    The space theme is an original option for any event, whether it is a company party or a gala. It is a theme that creates a mysterious and aesthetically appealing nocturnal atmosphere. To set it up, you can use space-inspired decorations such as stars, planets and install light projections to enhance the cosmic atmosphere. You can also choose futuristic costumes and accessories to add a touch of fantasy to your event.

    4. Cabaret Dream

    The cabaret theme is ideal for bringing elegance and sensuality to an event and allowing all guests to show off their most elegant attire. To play with this theme, you can use cabaret-inspired decorations such as neon lights, feathers and rhinestones. It is also a theme that allows you to include entertainment that will delight attendees. For example, you can organise burlesque dancing or magic shows to entertain them.

    5. Disco Funk Fever

    The disco-funk theme is ideal for an event that is all about fun and gets people in a party mood. To develop this theme, you can use disco-inspired decorations such as disco balls, beads, neon lights and mirrors. You can also include a disco-funk playlist to set the mood. Don’t forget to set up a dance floor so that attendees can dance the night away to their favourite hits.

    6. Funfair

    The funfair theme is ideal for taking attendees back to their childhood with an event that will delight the most playful. To use this theme, you can use decorations and animations such as merry-go-rounds, candy stalls and food trucks. Don’t forget to include festive music to accompany the fair theme. You can also organise a competition to choose the best costume and add a touch of fun to your event.

    7. Boho under the stars

    The bohemian theme is perfect for a quiet and relaxed event. This theme is ideal for outdoor events. You can use bohemian-inspired decorations such as patchwork cushions, lace tablecloths and scented candles. You can even place all this on the lawn. Put some folk music on to complete the atmosphere of your event.

    8. Hollywood

    The Hollywood theme is ideal for putting the spotlight on the attendees of a gala event. To play with this theme, you can use film-inspired décors such as projectors, red velvet cushions and armchairs, cult film posters and the iconic red carpet. You can also use the occasion to organise a multimedia projection.

    9. Bollywood

    Why not choose the charm and colour of Bollywood? It is the perfect theme for any event that aims to be festive and joyful. For this theme, you can use Indian-inspired decorations.
    Don’t forget to include an Indian buffet with typical Indian dishes such as biryani or samosas. You can also set up a bar area with original cocktails based on lassi (an Indian milk drink) and chai (Indian tea). For entertainment, you can set up a photo corner with Bollywood costumes, beaded jewellery, traditional costumes and wigs. Last but not least, organise a dance party with an Indian music playlist to set the mood.

    10. Tropical beach

    The tropical theme is ideal for an event with a sunny, warm and cheerful atmosphere. To develop this theme, you can use tropical island-inspired decorations such as artificial palm trees, shells and exotic flowers. You can also put on some Latin music to complete the atmosphere of your event. Don’t forget to include exotic cocktails and tropical fruits to make your guests feel like they are on holiday.

    With such a diversity of themes, you only have to choose the one you like best.

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