Anticipate on your event’s technical issues

Anticipate on your event’s technical issues

When you plan an event, dozens of things could go wrong. Generally, only one or two really do go wrong. Most of these are tech-related and some will cause minor incidents while others could jeopardise your event. As the event planner you need to be aware of these potential problems to find ways to solve them if they occur at the wrong time.


  1. Regis­tration and control issues
  2. Video projection equipment
  3. Wi-Fi failure
  4. Radio inter­ference
  5. Areas without network coverage

1. Registration and control issues

Gone are the days when we needed to take bookings with a pen and paper. With the advent of online solutions, the booking process can be prepared in advance, remotely, and shared with many. Your attendees can register whenever they like, in a few seconds, using a phone or a laptop.

It also means the end of queueing. If your attendees have registered online, you only need to control their booking using the WeezA­ccess mobile app – or our profes­sional equipment if necessary. In case an issue arises, a backup solution is to print the attendees list automat­ically created as bookings are saved. You can always access data about the people who actually attended later on.

2. Video projection equipment

If your event includes speakers, it is likely that they will have Power­Point or Google Slide present­a­tions, or videos to show. They may even do their present­ation remotely, via a live streaming software. In an ideal world, the audio and video quality is perfect thanks to the advancement of the various required techno­logies. But of course it is not always the case. A low internet speed, for instance, can mean a long loading time for videos, or even failure to load at all.

When you plan to plan videos from YouTube or other platforms, we recommend that you download them first onto a hard drive or USB stick. This will prevent moments of panic.

Finally, if your speaker is remote and needs to use a live streaming platform, as him or her to send you a pre-recorded video that you will play only in case there is a major issue. Ensure that the video covers the same topics and that it’s of an equivalent length to that of the speaking assignment.

3. Wi-Fi failure

In order to avoid what you fear the most, i.e. Wi-fi failure, ensure that you add someone to your team who is knowledgeable in the tech and equipment used. Mitigate the risk by choosing the most exper­i­enced service providers on the market. There is nothing more reassuring than to work with experts. They can, for instance, set-up a backup Wi-fi network in case your main network fails. Assess your needs precisely – number of people and devices connected to the Wi-fi – so that your provider can best adapt their set-up.

We strongly recommend that you test the internet speed before the event. A simple speed test search on Google will lead you to easy-to-use and free options.

4. Radio interference

Radio frequencies emitted by phones’ and other devices’ networks and bluetooth connec­tions can interfere with the Wi-fi network. Your IT expert is in charge of fixing these disturb­ances.

5. Areas without network coverage

It is very annoying to be somewhere with no network coverage. Your attendees will most certainly be unpleas­antly surprised if they cannot make phone calls or send messages – whether this is true for the entire venue or a restricted area where they are spending a lot of their time. A lack of network coverage can also complicate commu­nic­ation between your staff members and affect the quality of your event. You should test the various areas of your event venue to ensure that phones have service every­where. If not, you can either fix it or set-up a dedicated area where there is a great coverage. Be mindful about overloading the network if too many people gather in the same place, however.

A suitable solution is to install a signal amplifier, as an antenna. These devices are usually very efficient.

Technical issues can occur, even with the best prepar­ation and a lot of effort. Rely on backup solutions and you will see that most issues can be solved.

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