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A wonderful management tool for your event, allowing sales tracking, stock management, HR management, and more.

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Cards or NFC wristbands?

Almost anything is possible with customised NFC devices. As the wristband can be used as a tool to manage access, it is the popular choice for festival organisers. You can also use NFC cards, very popular with more permanent structures such as clubs or venues. Regardless of your choice, our cards and wristbands are made from 60% recycled PVC.

  • Track your inventory in real time.

    Add your products on your cashless management interface and track your inventory in real time! You have access to real time data to track purchase by point of sale. This allows for informed management decisions and to anticipate what is about to sell out. 

  • Offer refunds easily.

    Your attendees can ask for a refund of their remaining balance online after the event. The request is logged with one clicks. Weezevent manages the refunds on their bank card. You have nothing to do!

Track your sales revenues in real time.

From your cashless management interface, you can track your sales progression and see your revenue growth using the overview as well as filters by point of sale. Manage your points of consumption in a granular way i.e. Mix up the allocation of your teams and resources based on sales trends.

  • Manage access to your catering.

    You need to restrict access to your on-site catering? Weezevent’s cashless device allows you to allocate a number of meals per day/shift to your team. You can then track the number of meals served to better manage provision and invoicing.

  • Track your team’s work hours.

    Weezevent’s cashless system enables staff to sign-in so that you can track your team’s work hours. An easy way to manage your HR and payroll.

  • Drinks vouchers, free tickets for business partners…anything is possible!

    With Weezevent’s cashless system, you can create alternative currencies in euros or items. Your volunteers, providers or partners can be granted free credit. All of it is recorded in your bookkeeping for your convenience.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-paybrac

    One online account for several cashless devices.

    Offer more flexibility to your attendees in terms of budget management. With one email address, your attendees can manage other cashless devices e.g. those of their partner, children, friends, etc.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-iframepay

    An integrated widget on your website and emails in your colour scheme.

    Our cashless plug-in easily integrates to your website or mobile app. You can customize the colour of the buttons and links. Top up confirmation, account creation and refund emails can be fully customized.

Easily track your top-ups thanks to our connected credit card terminals.

Forget about remote data collection at the end of the day, enjoy reliable, real-time tracking for each transaction! Make your banker’s work easier and prevent typing errors!


A solution that adapts to all types of events!

Cashless is a versatile tool that easily adapts to different sectors and their particular needs. A variety of organisers trust our WeezPay solution to help improve the experience of their audiences and optimise their turnover: festivals, sports clubs, exhibitions, campsites, food courts…


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Frequently asked questions

  • Which device should I choose as my event’s cashless system?

    There are several options to choose from

    There are as many devices as you can think of! Almost anything is possible when it comes to devices and customisation. Highly appreciated of festival organisers, the wristband is convenient and can be used as an access ticket to an event. The card is also appreciated by planners because this solution is both convenient and reassuring. Regardless of your choice, our cards and wristbands are made from 60% recycled PVC.

  • How does cashless work prior to the event?

    From your website

    When an attendee purchases his/her ticket online or through traditional retailers, he/she can create and top-up their cashless account using the ticket’s bar-code. On the day of the event, his/her ticket will be linked to the NFC device and the attendee can immediately spend the money on the account. If the attendee purchases their ticket from a Weezevent ticketing plug-in, he/she can directly top-up the account at check-out!

  • Is the system reliable and secure?

    It is very safe

    Our payment module is secure and certified by GlobalSign, which prevents visualisation of banking data by non-authorised people through encryption of the data transmission. The safety of your money and that of the attendees is essential and we make sure to keep it secure. During your event, cashless systems reduce the risk of fraud and prevent theft!