Organising your virtual event with Weezevent

Weezevent offers solutions designed to help you set up your online events with ease.

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A ticketing system for your virtual event.

Make use of unique features for managing registrations and ticket sales for your digital event.

  • Manage registrations in just a few clicks
  • Sell tickets for your virtual event
  • Determine your ticket price (fixed, pay-what-you-like or free)
  • Track your sales in real time
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  • Easy to set up.
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks.
  • Pay only if you sell.
  • Ready in 5 minutes.

Manage online access to your event, whether it’s public or private.

Adapt the criteria for accessing your virtual event according to your objectives:

  • Manage access: Free or paid tickets, open or restricted access
  • Deliver unique connection codes
  • Set up password authentication
  • Confirm or validate attendees’ participation on a dedicated interface
  • Monitor attendance rate in real time
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Personalised support.

Our advisors are available to help you choose a suitable process and set up a ticketing system for your virtual event.

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An optimal experience for your attendees.

  • Simplify user experience, with no need to create an account
  • Integrate payment into the registration module
  • Provide the best UX on any device
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Build and strengthen relationships, even at a distance.

Segment your audiences according to their profiles in order to send and program marketing messages:

  • Collect information via a personalised form
  • Sync your ticketing with our CRM for events
  • Automate sending out the link to your event or unique access codes
  • Target and personalise your messages, both in terms of content and form
  • Increase your attendance rate with automatic reminders
  • Set up promotion codes for special offers
  • Use your own ticketing data with ease
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  • Monetise your virtual events.
  • Get data in real-time.
  • Benefit from secure technology.

Connect to your favourite tools with Zapier!

Realise the full potential of your virtual events by connecting your Weezevent ticketing platform to your favourite tools thanks to Zapier. Zoom, Livestorm, Meetup, Crowdcast… monetise your virtual events now!

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