The return of live events in the entertainment sector after lockdown

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Landing – Survey Covid

10 entertainment sectors investigated

In this survey, find the key figures on 10 sectors related to the Event & Entertainment Industry : festivals, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, exhibitions, cinemas, theme parks…

Discover how much attendees feel that they are missing out and their concern by sector within the entertainment industry. The report focuses on the mood and expectations of attendees and their need for reassurance.

Find out the thoughts of the French Public when it comes to cancellations. Future visits, budget expectations and wether virtual editions are a welcome replacement.


Who is this study meant for

Live Events were one of the first to be affected by lockdown and are almost certainly going to be the last to return to normal.

A resumption of events is of primary concern for organisers and is very important for the local and global economy, the cultural sector, sporting events and many more in the entertainment world.

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This survey was taken between 18th-20th May and sampled 1,017 people.

  • Landing – Survey Covid

    of French people are feeling a lack of entertainment activities, following lockdown.

  • Landing – Survey Covid

    of French people are willing to maintain or increase their budget allocated for their leisure activities.

  • Landing – Survey Covid

    of French people are expecting their experience of events to return to pre-coronavirus levels.

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