On tour with Weezevent – Episode #2 – Operations: the keystone of a successful event

On tour with Weezevent – Episode #2 – Operations: the keystone of a successful event

Summer at Weezevent is a hive of activity. With a new season marked by over 500 major events in 12 countries, the teams are at the starting line. This series is dedicated to their testimonies, which will take you behind the scenes of this exciting period.

It’s already been a month since the launch of our summer tour! Our teams have supported numerous events and successfully tackled the early season challenges highlighted in Episode #1 of the “On tour with Weezevent” series.
In this second edition, we meet the behind-the-scenes wizards: the Weezevent Operations teams!


    The challenges of an international presence

    Every summer, many event organisers rely on renting our technological equipment. Our teams ship thousands of devices each year from access control terminals to cashless payment systems and on-site ticketing tools. During the peak season, the pace of shipments intensifies, demanding even more rigorous management of our stock.

    To meet these needs, we have assembled a dedicated team of 12 employees during peak periods. While most of the team is based at our main warehouse in France, which also handles international shipments, we are fortunate to have Carlo and Mohamed overseeing logistics management and operations for Germany, the UK, and Belgium.

    “With all the agents and logistics centres, our collaboration focuses on the dynamic management of international stock, constantly adjusting resources according to the specific needs of each market. If tomorrow we need to send 1,200 terminals to Austria for a festival, we must be able to anticipate and plan it correctly.” Carlo, Head of International Operations DE, BE, UK.

     1,800 mobile terminals, ready to be shipped

    Coordination and logistics: the invisible pillar of successful events

    The primary mission of our Operations team is to ensure that all our events receive their equipment correctly configured and on time, thus ensuring smooth operations.

    Good collaboration between the Operations team and project managers is, therefore, at the heart of the success of every event supported by Weezevent. This close relationship between teams is built on daily communication and a mutual understanding of the challenges and constraints.

    “Operations are true enablers! They handle the preparation, logistics, and necessary support so that the on-site teams can focus on client relations and the success of the events. Without them, we couldn’t support so many organisers!” David, Head CSM in Belgium.

    The two teams tackle challenges and anticipate needs by working hand in hand, ensuring a seamless customer experience and smooth operations. Although they communicate daily with the project managers, the Operations team often remains behind the scenes, invisible to the end clients. This discretion can be a challenge for some, but Mathias, Head of Operations, emphasises the importance of this reality.

    “Working in operations, whether at Weezevent or elsewhere, means being comfortable with staying in the shadows. Our work is crucial, even vital, but it should go unnoticed if done well. For us, the success of an event is measured by the absence of feedback from the project managers!”

    Inside the logistics warehouse in France

    Developing internal resources and tools to ensure success

    Managing stress is a crucial aspect of operations work at Weezevent. During peak periods, logistical challenges can create pressure on the team. However, this stress can also become a positive driver, prompting better organisation and increased responsiveness. Mathias, Head of Operations, highlights the importance of maintaining balance:

    “You need to approach stress constructively. A certain level of pressure is necessary to stay alert and effective, but it’s crucial not to get overwhelmed. The key is to always keep the goal in mind, equip yourself properly, and prioritise tasks to meet deadlines.”

    Weezevent regularly tests new processes and tools to minimise errors and ensure flawless preparation. For example, we have implemented a triple-check method, where a team member who did not prepare the initial order performs a second check, followed by a final review by the project manager. Inspired by large logistics companies, this process reduces errors and ensures that equipment is delivered complete and ready for use.

    Another essential pillar of Operations’ success lies in creating and optimising specific tools. These tools allow for efficient management of reservations, stock, and configurations while providing the necessary flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of the teams.

    “We must constantly adjust our tools to meet growing demands,” explains Baptiste, Product Owner of operational tools. “This means updating our internal systems, simplifying the equipment reservation processes, and integrating innovative technologies to increase efficiency.”

    As the summer season peaks and Weezevent bustles with activity, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the crucial role Operations plays in our success. Behind every successful event are dedicated teams working tirelessly to ensure seamless logistics and flawless coordination!

    Throughout the summer, come celebrate the successes and share the highlights of this high event season through our blog articles and by following us on our social media channels LinkedIn and Instagram!

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