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5 ideas for retaining your attendees after an event

An event is never over. When all the attendees have gone home, a new story is just beginning. We recommend that you keep an event alive beyond D-day in order to strengthen your bond with attendees and prepare the rest of your projects. In this article, we provide you with 5 ideas for retaining your attendees after an event.

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5 reasons to communicate by email before your event

As the opening of your event approaches, your role is to communicate with your attendees to ensure that everything goes according to plan. In this article, Thomas, our customer relations and path-to-purchase specialist, and Product Owner of WeezTarget, gives you 5 good reasons to communicate with your attendees by email before your event.

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5 tips for successfully organising your outdoor event

The events industry is undergoing new restrictions following the Covid-19 epidemic, which has forced the sector to reinvent itself. This presents an opportunity for event organisers to turn these constraints into advantages. Holding an event outdoors, for instance, makes it possible to attract a new audience thanks to the option of an attractive location, an innovative format, a friendly atmosphere, and more. We recently spoke to L’Autre Canal, a SMAC (French contemporary music venue) located in Nancy, France, and heard about their preparations for their Indian summer al fresco.

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