Weezevent is here for you, even at home on the sofa

Weezevent is here for you, even at home on the sofa

Dear organisers and organisations,

Just like you! When you are well, we are well, and … when you are bad, we are bad. It’s as simple as that. It could not be anything else, since the Weezevent model is based solely on the sales of your events.

Yesterday, 467 tickets were sold on our platform using our tools. Compared to the 20 million posts published last year, this illustrates how bad it is. But surprisingly, there is also a lot of hope and promise. Who the hell is still buying tickets these days? Definitely optimists!

Just like you! Ourselves, being the organisers of Vélotour — whose next edition is unfortunately postponed — and that is why we know that nobody can organise an event without having a lust for life, encounters, surprises, the extraordinary, and … also the unforeseen. But above all nobody organises events if they are not full of unquenchable optimism. We are a great battalion of optimists with you: more than 20,000 event creators in this strange war.

In order to make the best decisions in the face of this exceptional situation, we would like to tell you that:

  • Our customer support has been strengthened to answer all your questions;
  • We recommend reading our guide detailing all our tips for postponing or canceling your event, carrying out a donation campaign and communicating in the event of a crisis;
  • Weezevent will waive reimbursement fees;
  • Our WeezTarget CRM email solution is available this morning and allows you to easily communicate with your participants.

In short, this is a simple message tinged with optimism and we hope that you and everyone around you are doing as well as can be expected. We will see each other again soon with events of all kinds and sizes, with which we will love and will be very proud to collaborate with!

Until then, we remain at your disposal and we will not forget you.

Pierre-Henri DEBALLON & Sébastien TONGLET – Co-founders of Weezevent

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