Weezevent is here for you, even at home on the sofa

Weezevent is here for you, even at home on the sofa

Dear organ­is­ers and organisations,

Just like you! When you are well, we are well, and … when you are bad, we are bad. It’s as sim­ple as that. It could not be any­thing else, since the Weezevent mod­el is based sole­ly on the sales of your events.

Yes­ter­day, 467 tick­ets were sold on our plat­form using our tools. Com­pared to the 20 mil­lion posts pub­lished last year, this illus­trates how bad it is. But sur­pris­ing­ly, there is also a lot of hope and promise. Who the hell is still buy­ing tick­ets these days? Def­i­nite­ly optimists!

Just like you! Our­selves, being the organ­is­ers of Vélo­tour and FME, and that is why we know that nobody can organ­ise an event with­out hav­ing a lust for life, encoun­ters, sur­pris­es, the extra­or­di­nary, and … also the unfore­seen. But above all nobody organ­is­es events if they are not full of unquench­able opti­mism. We are a great bat­tal­ion of opti­mists with you: more than 20,000 event cre­ators in this strange war.

In order to make the best deci­sions in the face of this excep­tion­al sit­u­a­tion, we would like to tell you that:

In short, this is a sim­ple mes­sage tinged with opti­mism and we hope that you and every­one around you are doing as well as can be expect­ed. We will see each oth­er again soon with events of all kinds and sizes, with which we will love and will be very proud to col­lab­o­rate with!

Until then, we remain at your dis­pos­al and we will not for­get you.

Pierre-Hen­ri DEBALLON & Sébastien TONGLET — Co-founders of Weezevent

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