Restaurateurs, team up with Weezevent for online reservations!

Restaurateurs, team up with Weezevent for online reservations!

Your clients will appre­ci­ate this use­ful addi­tion­al ser­vice to book a table in your restau­rant!  Nowa­days, online reser­va­tion is real­ly the quick and easy way to make restau­rant reservation !

Why Weezevent ?

With Weezevent you mon­e­tize at low cost the traf­fic on your web­site : an incred­i­ble oppor­tu­ni­ty for all restau­rants. Our book­ing soft­ware is actu­al­ly used by the Flo Group Brew­eries, such as « La Coupole », « Le Ter­mi­nus Nord » or the « Boeuf sur le toit » restau­rant, to man­age their spe­cial evening reservation.

Phone reser­va­tions request time and ener­gy that you can eas­i­ly save for more impor­tant mat­ters. See how eas­i­ly you can set­up your online book­ing appli­ca­tion with our solu­tion, cen­tral­ize all your client’s info, and pro­pose them direct­ly your menus and packages.

Plug your online sales mod­ule on your own web­site, your Face­book Fan page or direct­ly on Weezevent min­isite, free of charge.

The Riv­er Café has joined Weezevent to man­age its reser­va­tions and pro­pose dis­counts

How to pro­ceed ? 

Cre­ate a free Weezevent account : as long as you don’t sale, you don’t pay ! And dis­cov­er how our online book­ing soft­ware can help you with its use­ful func­tion­al­i­ties lead­ing you to addi­tion­al revenues.

To sup­port you along the process you have access to our online Help Cen­ter at the fol­low­ing address :

Our insights and tips to boost your revenues :

- You would like to pro­mote dis­counts and spe­cial pro­mo­tions ? It’s quite easy to set up : from your Weezevent account, cre­ate one or many free tariff(s) that your will name, for exam­ple « 10% off your bill » or « com­pli­men­ta­ry apéro ».

Fol­low­ing reg­is­tra­tion on the book­ing soft­ware, your clients will instant­ly receive their dis­count to be applied next time they will dine at your restaurant.

- An inter­est­ing option is to fix quo­ta per tar­iff and post a « count­down » on your book­ing appli­ca­tion in order to help the unde­cid­eds to com­plete their order more quick­ly. To do so, deter­mine a sales peri­od and acti­vate the “post the end date of the sales peri­od” option from the con­fig­ure > tick­et­ing options tab of our platform.

- Track in real-time the num­ber of online reser­va­tions, RDC from the atten­dees > man­age the atten­dees tab.

- Have you real­ized how easy it becomes to build a cus­tomer data­base ? With each reser­va­tion, you col­lect data about your cus­tomers and down­load these data when­ev­er you need it. Export your client’s emails to con­tact them and encour­age com­mit­ment : what an easy way to increase your revenues !

What about test­ing our online book­ing soft­ware on St-Valentine’s day ?

Cre­ate your account and test with­out charges, our solu­tion on !

Our cus­tomer ser­vice is avail­able to help with any book­ing require­ments and guide you in con­fig­ur­ing var­i­ous events through the appli­ca­tion. Don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us at : 01 85 07 75 75 or at the email address :

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