Weezevent partners with LinkedIn to boost event outreach and foster attendees’ community

Weezevent has partnered with LinkedIn to introduce a new feature that allows event organisers to build active professional communities on LinkedIn.

If you have created a LinkedIn event on your organisation’s page, the LinkedIn integration allows you to invite new guests to join the event to enrich their experience.

Activate the LinkedIn community builder feature now to boost your event outreach.


    1.Why and how can we turn event attendees into an active community?

    Attending a conference or trade show offers not only the opportunity to gain insights from keynote speakers but also to interact with other attendees. This is crucial to having a successful experience. Networking with people who share similar interests or work in the same industry can help expand one’s knowledge and build valuable relationships.

    Creating an engaged community among event attendees is vital for event organisers as it helps to create a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. For example, at a marketing conference, attendees can discuss the latest trends and challenges in the industry, exchange ideas, and build connections with other professionals. Additionally, at a technology expo, attendees can learn about new innovations in their field and have the chance to speak with experts in the industry.

    By facilitating opportunities for attendees to interact and engage with each other, event organisers can enhance the overall value of the event. Whether it’s through breakout sessions, networking events, or social media groups, creating a sense of community among attendees is an essential aspect of event planning. It not only makes for a more enjoyable experience for attendees but also contributes to the event’s success and fosters long-lasting relationships among participants.

    We are excited to share that Weezevent is partnering with LinkedIn to help event organisers build active and engaged professional communities on LinkedIn.

    Get a sneak peek of our latest offering designed to support event organisers and attendees across the globe. Read on to learn more about the exciting features we are introducing.

    2. Collaboration with LinkedIn for Dynamic Event Communities

    Our collaboration with LinkedIn aims to establish dynamic digital event communities that facilitate exchanging knowledge and networking opportunities. Through our event integration, attendees can seamlessly join the event page on LinkedIn while going through the registration and ticketing process.

    3. Enhanced Attendee Experience

    Once on the event page, attendees can view a list of other participants, connect and communicate with them, share relevant content and engage in discussions. Additionally, they can invite their network to join the event, providing further opportunities to expand their professional circle. This streamlined approach to building event communities on LinkedIn intends to enhance attendees’ experience and foster meaningful connections among event participants.

    4. The advantage for Event Organisers

    By harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s network, event organisers can gain a significant advantage as attendees can easily share the brand and content with their own valuable networks. To take advantage of this, Weezevent offers the “Community Builder,” which allows for the simple creation of a professional event community on LinkedIn.

    5. Simple Setup Process

    Once the event is set up on Weezevent, the organiser can activate the LinkedIn community in three simple steps, as outlined on Weezevent’s Help Centre Page.

    6. Importance of Building Strong Communities

    Building a strong community, whether in-person or online, is essential for staying connected. After all, no event is complete without meaningful conversations and connections. Investing in the community is a smart move for event organisers, while event attendees can leverage our integration to connect with others, learn from peers, and expand their professional network.

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