How to e-mail invitations for an event – The step-by-step guide

The best way to send invitations is Electronic mail. Simple, quick, cost-effective with a response time virtually instantaneous, it became the most useful tool for event organisers.

But how to proceed to launch a successful emailing campaign ?

How to be sure that your email will be attractive for your prospects and lead them to confirm their attendance ?

To maximize your chances, we propose you 9 tips essential to obtain success in sending invitation emails for an event.

1. The customer’s database : key factor of success

Have you organised an event with Weezevent, previously ? Use our Back Office feature : Attendees > Manage the attendees > Download to export easily the email addresses of past events attendees.  This precise target represents your best rate of return!  Once downloaded, all you have to do is send your message from your business mailbox or use an emailing solution (such as Mailchimp, Mailjet, YMLP,…) to configure your message.

Tip : in order to increase your database between two events, we suggest to collect the email address of your followers (on your blog, website) in feeding them regularly with news related to your field of activity.

2. Choose a simple and attractive subject !

Start with a clear subject line highlighting the main information about your event.  The subject of your email must introduce its content and has to be obvious for the recipient at first sight. Choose a short and attractive wording (40-50 characters maximum).   Also, it has been shown that including a symbol into the subject of a marketing email allows you to stand out among overloaded email box of the recipient and increase of 15% the chance to be read.

Example: “Join Weezevent for the “Apéro” in Carhaix !”

3. The sender must be easy to identify

The sender’s name of your email must be evident, at first sight. It’s important for the recipient to recognize easily your company, your product, or a referent’s name.

Example: “Weezevent” or “Geoffrey from Weezevent”

4. The body of your message must be sober and visual

The body of your email invitation is limited in number of characters.  Prefer a static or animated visual that will keep the reader’s attention and don’t forget to include the logo of your company.  The most important data (name of your event, date and location) must appear into the header which is to say at the top of your message.  As soon as the first paragraph or part, the recipient must have understood your message.

5. The message of your email must contain the key data

Don’t forget to briefly include into the body of your message :

– The concept.
– The actors: talking about the attendance of a performer can decide your recipients to attend the event.
– Clear registration instructions.
– An action button “I subscribe” wisely located.

You can also add a link to your website, as well as your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln) in the form of a button to click.

6. The “call to action” must be efficient

Keep it simple, minimize the number of steps to register.  If there is a registration form to complete, try to restrict the number of mandatory fields.  Use an action verb as registration button to solicit strongly your prospects.  When relevant, add an incentive such as a special offer (e.g. for the three first subscribers).

7. The emailing schedule must be wisely planned

Post the event in advance, allow enough time for your attendees to register, and send a reminder, not forgetting to retrieve from your list the name of those who are already registered. Don’t forget to remind your subscribers a few days before the event with an email “Remember the date”. Don’t hesitate to send an email to the non-registrants saying for example : “Less than 3 days to register for this event”.

8. Personalize the message according to the receiver

To attract your guest, start by presenting a history of your relationship.  Segment the message according to the target, and personalize it with the name of your receiver (for ex. “Hi, Mrs./Mr. XXX”).  It is imperative to personalize each invitation.

9. Solicit attendees after the event

Two or three days after the event, take time to thank participants for their attendance. Don’t hesitate to send a summary or a link to a video of your event, including to those who were absent. This could motivate them to attend the next event.  Also, send a satisfactory application to evaluate the pros and cons about your event and keep all this precious data to optimize the next event.

And now it’s up to you !

The Weezevent’s team


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