[CASE STUDY] Seating chart in 3D and 360° for the National League of Volley

[CASE STUDY] Seating chart in 3D and 360° for the National League of Volley

Since 2013, Organ­izers using Weezevent  have the oppor­tunity to offer a ticketing service with numbered seats.  Many concert halls, theater, sports complex use this effective feature which, however, doesn’t allow the spectator to project himself at the seat he is booking.  In order to deliver a better attendee exper­ience, Weezevent  in partnership with the company Pacifa Décision(European leader for 3D modeling of sports facil­ities) revolu­tionizes this concept in 2016 by proposing the parti­cipant to see for real, in 3D and 360o, what will be his virtual point of view from his seat.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art  technology developed by Pacifa Décision which gives event planners a 3D seating charts global solution.  The customer exper­ience becomes innov­ative, more intuitive and in complete immersion with specific visuals.

Case study : The finals of the National League of Volleyball 

First, the parti­cipant must select an area or a category, from a global view of the venue.  This step informs the user about the price of each category and the number of seats available.

Then, he must select the row and his seat(s).

Once his seat selected, he will get a 360° view allowing him to consider very realist­ically the angle of view from this specific seat.

Finally, the attendee will complete his order as a regular purchase via Weezevent (personal and bank details).

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