Weezevent is back on tour!

Weezevent is back on tour!


Weezevent is on tour!

Join us for an extraordinary adventure that will immerse you in the heart of the greatest summer events.

With an engaging lineup of over 650 events, we are determined to provide you with an unforgettable festival experience. Our tour started last weekend in six countries. Our team members have implemented our cashless payment, access control, and online ticketing solutions across 19 events.

Discover some key figures from this thrilling first weekend, including more than:

179,000 festival-goers in attendance
200,000 beers sold
120,000 activated cashless accounts

This is also an opportunity to highlight the unsung heroes, these 200 dedicated individuals who ensure the success of each event. Join us on social media and dive behind the scenes, sharing every exciting moment of this exhilarating adventure.

🔎 Follow our activities all summer on social media!

Each week, follow The Blue Tour through new shared content on our social media:

🌐 Key tour stops
📊 Statistics about our ticketing and cashless activities
📸 Photos and videos of our on-site performances

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