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In just a few clicks you can pub­lish a cus­tomised min­isite, add a tick­et­ing and reg­is­tra­tion mod­ule to your web­site, design tick­ets and invi­ta­tions in your image and more. Every­thing is cus­tomis­able to tru­ly cre­ate an event that looks like you! 

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  • weezticket

    Ticketing & Registration

    Cre­ate your cus­tomised online tick­ets in min­utes. Sim­ply cre­ate and pub­lish your event with a few clicks, or inte­grate the tick­et­ing plug-in to your web­site and Face­book page and get ready to sell your tick­ets, send your invites, reg­is­ter atten­dees and man­age your mem­ber­ships online!

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  • weezaccess

    Access Control

    Eas­i­ly val­i­date your atten­dee’s tick­ets, with an app or on paper! Trans­form your smart­phone into a val­i­da­tion device with the WeezA­c­cess Mobile or use our syn­chro­nised devices WeezA­c­cess Pro to val­i­date entries and scan tick­ets. What­ev­er the size of your event, we have the best solu­tion for you to pre­vent fraud and opti­mise flow and atten­dance management.

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  • weezpay

    Cashless Payment

    Go one step fur­ther into mak­ing your event dig­i­tal. Increase your sales speed and improve the expe­ri­ence for both your team and your atten­dees with our dema­te­ri­alised pay­ment solu­tion. Com­plete­ly secure, our cash­less solu­tion works offline and pro­vides you with the fea­tures and devices (NFC wrist­bands, cash­less cards, etc.) that are best suit­ed to your event. Hav­ing already pro­vid­ed our ser­vices to 100+ cash­less events and fes­ti­vals, Weezevent is the cash­less tech part­ner you need to min­imise queues, reduce risk of theft and improve your mon­ey track­ing process.

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  • weeztarget

    Marketing & CRM

    Weez­Tar­get brings togeth­er all the fea­tures you need to eas­i­ly com­mu­ni­cate and inter­act with your audi­ence at any time through­out your event. Con­nect the data from all of your events in just one click to engage your atten­dees and boost your revenue.

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