TIP : How to post my Weezevent ticketing platform on a Facebook event !

TIP : How to post my Weezevent ticketing platform on a Facebook event !

You are orga­niz­ing an event and you are think­ing about post­ing your Weezevent self-tick­et­ing plat­form on a Face­book event page ?  What a bright idea !

Dis­cov­er exten­sions that open new pos­si­bil­i­ties for your event, using Weezevent vir­tu­al self-tick­et­ing plat­form togeth­er with Face­book user-friend­ly shar­ing tools to spread the word and cre­ate a buzz around your event.

For instance, as part of a web mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy, the tick­et office open­ing date for an event is part of the first thing to post. Pho­tos from pre­vi­ous years, teas­er video, pro­gram­ming, any infor­ma­tion is pre­cious to book an appoint­ment with your audi­ence and launch a count­down timer before the offi­cial post­ing of your tick­et­ing plat­form.

This 4‑step guide will show you how to plug your online tick­et office on an Event page.

Step 1 :
You need a Facebook Fan Page.

Don’t hes­i­tate to fol­low Face­book online help sup­port instruc­tions to cre­ate one. Your Fan page on Face­book has for main advan­tage to cre­ate a com­mu­ni­ty around your activ­i­ty: news, launch­es, updates, you are devel­op­ing a close rela­tion­ship with your audi­ence who will receive each of your post­ings and will share them !

Usu­al­ly the Fan page is linked to a glob­al struc­ture (sea­son­al pro­gram­ming for a venue, a the­atre, etc.) while the Event page is rather ded­i­cat­ed to a spe­cif­ic activ­i­ty: con­cert, event, etc.

Step 2 :
Once your Fan page created, you will see a «Timeline » tab.

Click on Event, Life Event + and select Event

Step 3 :
Give a title and a short description to your event: name, date/time, location, etc.

Into the TICKET URL box, copy-paste the event online tick­et­ing URL, i.e. : the link where it is inte­grat­ed on your web­site, or the URL that you will retrieve from Weezevent back-office.

As a reminder, the URL of your Weezevent min­isite is dis­played in blue, right under the name of your event in your con­fig­u­ra­tion inter­face. You may per­son­al­ize it, going to SELL > On your MINISITE > Your min­isite address.

Click on Post to save your entries.

Step 4 :

Your Event page opens show­ing the «Avail­able tick­ets » sec­tion !

You just post your Weezevent tick­et­ing plat­form, now all you have to do is share and invite par­tic­i­pants !

Get start­ed now ! Post your Wezevent tick­et­ing plat­form on an event 😉

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