A suite of solutions dedicated to the return of live events in 2021

From selling tickets to the first day of your event, Weezevent provides organisers with a comprehensive suite of tools designed for the return of live events in 2021. Discover our answer to the challenges faced today and in the future.

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Take advantage of cashless payments.

Work with the Euro­pean leader in cash­less pay­ments to quick­ly set up a con­tact­less pay­ment sys­tem for your event.

  • Reduce phys­i­cal con­tact and cash circulation.
  • Min­imise queues and trans­ac­tion times.
  • Opti­mise the man­age­ment of entry and access con­trol accord­ing to zones.
  • Gen­er­ate new rev­enue and mon­i­tor sales activ­i­ty in real time.
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  • Reduce contact.
    Guarantee safe transactions.
  • Reassure your attendees.
    Protect your teams.
  • 6x faster transactions.
    Reduced queues.
  • Activate online pre-orders.

    With Click & Deliv­ery or Click & Col­lect, offer your atten­dees the option of pre-order­ing online. Reduce wait­ing times as much as pos­si­ble and elim­i­nate unnec­es­sary con­tact. You will improve the order­ing expe­ri­ence while gen­er­at­ing new revenue. 

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    Allocated and distanced seating.

    As utilised by the Fes­ti­val Inter­cel­tique de Lori­ent, it is easy to set up cus­tomised book­ing rules. When a cus­tomer books a tick­et, our algo­rithms update the avail­able seats in real time accord­ing to the pur­chase his­to­ry and the para­me­ters set by the organiser.

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Ensure your attendees’ safety.

Using WeezTick­et, it is pos­si­ble to cre­ate ‘health pass­ports’ with cus­tomised forms which gath­er the desired infor­ma­tion and doc­u­ments need­ed to pro­tect and con­tact your atten­dees. Acti­vate our ‘con­tact trac­ing’ option to send tick­ets by SMS and con­firm each attendee’s phone number.

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  • Digital box offices.

    Max­imise last-minute sales with­out a phys­i­cal box office on site. Place a QR code at the entrances to your event so that buy­ers can access your online tick­et­ing sys­tem direct­ly via their smart­phones. Online sales are instant­ly synced with our tick­et­ing and access con­trol solutions. 

  • Multiple arrival times.

    Split the num­ber of avail­able tick­ets into mul­ti­ple time slots to reduce the num­ber of simul­ta­ne­ous arrivals. This will dras­ti­cal­ly reduce the num­ber of peo­ple gath­er­ing at entrances and with­in the vicin­i­ty of your venue. The buy­er can view the pro­posed time slots via the online tick­et­ing mod­ule. The num­ber of tick­ets avail­able is dis­played in real time for each slot.

  • Easy refunds.

    Reduce any man­age­ment prob­lems linked to poten­tial post­pone­ments. Offer var­i­ous options online from allow­ing atten­dees to retain their tick­et for a lat­er date, be ful­ly refund­ed, or be par­tial­ly refund­ed and donate the bal­ance. You can also offer a can­cel­la­tion insur­ance option, either free or for a fee.

Manage Access Control effectively and scan tickets while avoiding contact.

Main­tain safe­ty at your entrances by reduc­ing high con­cen­tra­tions of peo­ple and lim­it­ing con­tact. From 10 to 100,000 atten­dees, we offer var­i­ous access con­trol solu­tions that are easy to han­dle and can be adapt­ed to all scenarios.

  • Use your smart­phone to scan tick­ets with WeezA­c­cess Mobile, our free app on Android and iOS
  • Opt for WeezA­c­cess Pro, our ter­mi­nals equipped with high-per­for­mance laser scan­ners which sync in real time
  • Equip your entrances with our Access Box, a fixed access con­trol sys­tem which requires no human intervention.
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Control flows of people in real time.

Mon­i­tor the num­ber of peo­ple present on site in real time and ensure your capac­i­ty is not exceed­ed while facil­i­tat­ing your teams’ work on the ground. Our scan­ning ter­mi­nals are synced with your track­ing inter­face and will even work in the event of a net­work outage.

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  • Set up your access lists with flexibility.
  • Get detailed attendance reports.
  • Add tickets from multiple ticket agents.

Communicate all the necessary information.

Use our mar­ket­ing & CRM solu­tion to send essen­tial infor­ma­tion to your atten­dees. Hygiene pro­to­cols, arrival instruc­tions, invi­ta­tions to top up cash­less accounts, last-minute changes… cre­ate emails using our edit­ing tool with ease and send tar­get­ed cam­paigns to your audience.

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