User experience

Swapcard offers each event organiser a dedicated event application and a matchmaking platform with integrated AI.

Import your Weezevent guest lists into your Swapcard application in just a few clicks.

  • 4 offices throughout the world.
  • 53 countries covered.
  • +1 000 events per year.
  • 1 000 000 million users.

Multiplying interactions among attendees, exhibitors and sponsors of an event.

Swapcard provides event organisers with solutions for boosting interactions during their trade shows, conferences and conventions. Each organiser can easily create their own application, to which they can add lists and information on attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. This allows the three types of actors to prepare and target their conversations, making them more relevant and effective. Organisers can thus enrich their databases and have access to complete statistics on attendees’ activity during their events.

Facilitating the import of events and guest lists into a matchmaking application.

The technical integration of Swapcard and Weezevent solutions allows organisers to automatically sync their guest lists within their application. This saves them valuable time and ensures a better overall experience, since attendees will have access to as much information as possible.

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