The cashless payment solution designed for campsites

Improve your holidaymakers’ experience and boost your sales with a cashless payment system that’s simple to set up on your campsite!

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Boost your campsite’s sales! 

  • A quick and easy time sav­ing solu­tion for wait­ing staff.
  • Encour­age con­sump­tion amongst hol­i­day­mak­ers onsite and with­in the campsite’s vicinity.
  • Increase the qual­i­ty of your ser­vice and the vol­ume of orders.
  • Make trans­ac­tions more secure by lim­it­ing the cir­cu­la­tion of cash and reduce fraud.
  • Make addi­tion­al sales with tar­get­ed com­mer­cial campaigns.
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A suite of dedicated tools for campsites.

  • Cashless payments

    Pay­ment for all activ­i­ties and ser­vices with a con­nect­ed bracelet. 

  • Pre-order

    Online order­ing, col­lec­tion at the point of con­sump­tion or deliv­ery to the customer’s loca­tion, be it a mobile home, table, sun lounger, etc.

  • Cash register solution

    A stand-alone solu­tion, or a pow­er­ful add-on to your sys­tem. Com­pat­i­ble with cash­less pay­ment and pre-order.

A smooth, contactless path for your holidaymakers.

  • The wrist­band is hand­ed over to the hol­i­day­mak­er upon arrival and topped up for the first time.
  • Pay­ment for all ser­vices is made using the cash­less wristband.
  • Top ups can be made via a smart­phone or at top-up points.
  • There is the option for a refund on the bal­ance of unspent funds at the end of the stay.
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Improved management thanks to connected payment.

  • Find your cus­tomers’ loca­tion for a Click & Deliv­ery service.
  • Access order track­ing and trans­ac­tion his­to­ry in one click.
  • Improve the secu­ri­ty of your trans­ac­tions by lim­it­ing the amount of cash on your premises.
  • Opti­mise stock man­age­ment by track­ing sales in real time.
  • Con­sol­i­date finan­cial data via our dash­boards and save time on accounting.

Offer an optimal holiday experience.

With their ‘wrist­band wal­let’, guests can spend with ease and enjoy a relax­ing stay. Per­son­alised ben­e­fits (auto­mat­ic dis­counts, free activ­i­ties or rewards) can be con­fig­ured accord­ing to the guests’ pro­file. Pay­ment is ultra-fast and effort­less, with an online account that can be accessed at any time to top up and view trans­ac­tion his­to­ry. NFC wrist­bands are either fab­ric or sil­i­cone, mak­ing them durable and waterproof.

Benefit from an innovative cash register solution.

A cash reg­is­ter solu­tion that’s com­pat­i­ble with all means of payment:

  • Con­fig­ur­ing the menu takes a mat­ter of minutes.
  • Sim­ple deploy­ment of mobile terminals.
  • Con­ve­nient touch­screen devices for your teams.
  • Orders and pay­ments made in super quick time.
  • Pay by cash­less pay­ment, bank card, cash or preordering.
  • Easy-to-use inter­face.
  • Man­age­ment of spe­cial offers and rewards accord­ing to guest profiles
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A simple pre-ordering experience.

  • Dig­i­tal menu : The guest is able to access the menu online or by fol­low­ing a QR code sit­u­at­ed on tables or in their accomodation.
  • Online pay­ment : The guest can choose to pay online using their bank card, or upon col­lec­tion of their order.
  • Send­ing orders to the kitchen : Orders are auto­mat­i­cal­ly received at the rel­e­vant food or drink station.
  • Col­lec­tion and deliv­ery : The order is picked up by the guest or deliv­ered to wher­ev­er they may be.

  • Via a smartphone or computer.
  • Easy to navigate menus.
  • One-click purchase without the need to create an account.
  • Quick, simple and easy.

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