The cashless payment solution designed for campsites

Improve your holidaymakers’ experience and boost your sales with a cashless payment system that’s simple to set up on your campsite!

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Boost your campsite’s sales!

  • A quick and easy time saving solution for waiting staff.
  • Encourage consumption amongst holidaymakers onsite and within the campsite’s vicinity.
  • Increase the quality of your service and the volume of orders.
  • Make transactions more secure by limiting the circulation of cash and reduce fraud.
  • Make additional sales with targeted commercial campaigns.
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A suite of dedicated tools for campsites.

  • Cashless payments

    Payment for all activities and services with a connected bracelet.

  • Pre-order

    Online ordering, collection at the point of consumption or delivery to the customer’s location, be it a mobile home, table, sun lounger, etc.

  • Cash register solution

    A stand-alone solution, or a powerful add-on to your system. Compatible with cashless payment and pre-order.

A smooth, contactless path for your holidaymakers.

  • The wristband is handed over to the holidaymaker upon arrival and topped up for the first time.
  • Payment for all services is made using the cashless wristband.
  • Top ups can be made via a smartphone or at top-up points.
  • There is the option for a refund on the balance of unspent funds at the end of the stay.
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Improved management thanks to connected payment.

  • Find your customers’ location for a Click & Delivery service.
  • Access order tracking and transaction history in one click.
  • Improve the security of your transactions by limiting the amount of cash on your premises.
  • Optimise stock management by tracking sales in real time.
  • Consolidate financial data via our dashboards and save time on accounting.
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Offer an optimal holiday experience.

With their ‘wristband wallet’, guests can spend with ease and enjoy a relaxing stay. Personalised benefits (automatic discounts, free activities or rewards) can be configured according to the guests’ profile. Payment is ultra-fast and effortless, with an online account that can be accessed at any time to top up and view transaction history. NFC wristbands are either fabric or silicone, making them durable and waterproof.

Benefit from an innovative cash register solution.

A cash register solution that’s compatible with all means of payment:

  • Configuring the menu takes a matter of minutes.
  • Simple deployment of mobile terminals.
  • Convenient touchscreen devices for your teams.
  • Orders and payments made in super quick time.
  • Pay by cashless payment, bank card, cash or preordering.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Management of special offers and rewards according to guest profiles
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A simple pre-ordering experience.

  • Digital menu : The guest is able to access the menu online or by following a QR code situated on tables or in their accomodation.
  • Online payment : The guest can choose to pay online using their bank card, or upon collection of their order.
  • Sending orders to the kitchen : Orders are automatically received at the relevant food or drink station.
  • Collection and delivery : The order is picked up by the guest or delivered to wherever they may be.
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  • Via a smartphone or computer.
  • Easy to navigate menus.
  • One-click purchase without the need to create an account.
  • Quick, simple and easy.

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