Weezevent presents WeezAccess new interface!

Weezevent presents WeezAccess new interface!


WeezA­c­cess new inter­face is more intu­itive and is adapt­ed to all types of screens which will help you boost your effi­cien­cy. Find your favourite fea­tures enhanced with new options now.


  1. A new interface
  2. Essen­tial features
  3. Post-event reports

1. A new interface

WeezA­c­cess has a com­plete­ly reworked inter­face ded­i­cat­ed to access con­trol. Equipped with new fea­tures, it is easy to use and adapt­ed to all types of screens.


2. Essential features

  • Activ­i­ties dashboard
  • Edit access lists
  • Atten­dance data
  • Attendee scan­ning history
  • Man­u­al validation
  • Advanced search

3. Post-event reports

View and analyse your data at a glance to assess your event and improve for the future.

Dis­cov­er your new access con­trol inter­face now:

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