[Video] Cashless by Weezevent at the Gurtenfestival

In July 2022, we supported the Gurtenfestival (Bern, Switzerland) in deploying our cashless payment solution WeezPay.

Won over by the benefit of “avoiding any problems with handling, logistics, weight and checks linked to cash payments”, Lena Fischer, a member of the festival’s management committee, turned to Weezevent to set up a safe and secure payment system.

The 4-day edition was 100% cashless, and each of the 50,000 attendees received a personal cashless card.

Just like the organising team, the attendees benefit from this technology, as Lena Fischer explains:

“The advantage of this system is that you can easily top up your cashless account online from your smartphone. It’s very fast, and you can also check your consumption history.”

Why Weezevent? As well as providing a technology that’s been adopted by more than 350 festival organisers, the strength of the support we offer lies in our proximity to the Gurtenfestival team.

As Lena Fischer says, “each country has its own payment methods, so it’s very important to have a local contact who’s familiar with the particular features of the market.” Through this approach, a project manager on the ground in Switzerland was able to identify each of the team’s needs and match them with the right technology. Everything went smoothly, working alongside the currency (CHF), language (German) and local culture!

Watch our video report to see our payment solution WeezPay in action

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