[Video] Cashless and Access Control at Boomtown Festival

Weezevent has helped Boomtown Festival to manage its 60,000 visitors in 2022.

Alice Porter, financial and cashless director of the festival, mentions the versatility of Weezevent’s tools: “At any festival of this size, managing card and cash payments is always complicated. This is our first year with a cashless RFID system, covering both doors, access, and payments with a single system.”

Thanks to Weezevent, Boomtown, whose first edition took place in 2009, could offer 5 days of a 100% cashless experience to all its visitors.

With WeezAccess access management, Weezevent’s technology in Boomtown is synonymous with simplicity and efficiency:

  • A tailor-made access control system that makes it easy for attendees and organisers to get in and out and to control the flow of people.
  • Simplified access to the venue
  • Global technical operations to ensure security at all levels

Cashless with WeezPay at Boomtown Festival, in 3 sentences:

  • An easy-to-use payment system: Top up online or onsite with credit card and cash.
  • Faster transactions, fewer queues and therefore more sales.
  • Real-time monitoring of income and attendance.

Choosing Weezevent means choosing a technology that is adapted to your needs and a close support.

“It’s been really great to have the Weezevent team here with us. To have good numbers of those people, so they can focus on the gates, on those busy entry days, so they can be with our traders and throughout the whole of the weekend just to make sure the system is working.”

Discover our video report to see our solutions in action:

Discover all the Weezevent solutions for your event: ticketing, access control, cashless payment, marketing and CRM tools, and contact us to discuss your needs.

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