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5 tips to plan the spookiest Halloween party

This October, Halloween - a date in the diary with the most creative potential - is back! Soon, ghosts, ghouls, horror movie characters and other creatures will be walking the streets of every city in search of candy. With these 5 tips, prepare a party that your guests won't forget!

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Testimonial: ‘@lappartchezmoi’ – fun virtual parties despite the lockdown

Our attention was caught by the surprising, fun and attractive parties organised by @lappartchezmoi ("L’appartement chez moi", French for ‘The flat at my place’). In March 2020, Axel Bonnichon launched this idea for parties with friends, and it soon reached unpredicted popularity. As the manager of an events communication agency, he tells us how everything came about and provides 5 useful tips for event organisers of all kinds.

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Track your refund requests with ease

To improve the management of refunds, we’ve updated the online ticketing tracking interface with new options for tracking attendees. From your organiser interface, you can now filter your attendees to show only those for whom ticket refunds have been requested.

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