Selling your music online is easy!

In the same way that you can, as an amateur or professional, sell tickets to your event thanks to Weezevent, you can sell your music on the major streaming services and receive the revenue generated through a service such as Wiseband.

Are you interested in selling and monetising your music online? Discover all our tips in this article.


    1. What are the conditions for selling your own music?

    Nowadays, it is easy to sell your own music and make a profit from it on an international scale. However, you have to meet some conditions to be able to do so.

    First of all, you have to be the producer of your music and obtain the authorisations of the authors and composers of the titles if you make covers. It is also necessary to show tenacity because, beyond the quality of the music and the talent of those who have created it, it is essential to know how to make it known to the public, particularly on social media, but also on stage during live shows.

    2. Do I have to sign with a producer?

    Developing a career is difficult, but more and more artists are choosing to self-produce to remain free. While it is important to persevere, artists must also know how to surround themselves with their community’s best advice and support.

    Nowadays, signing a contract with a producer (and giving him all rights to your music) is no longer necessary, but it is still essential to be accompanied. A distributor, such as Wiseband, who will not keep your rights but only receive a commission on streaming revenues, can advise you and help you make the right connections.

    3. How do you create a community around your music?

    It is important to remember that to monetise your music online successfully, you need to create a community of loyal fans. You must promote your music and develop your online presence, especially on social media.

    Of course, getting noticed is an ongoing process, and it can take time to achieve significant visibility. Keep a positive attitude and persevere in your efforts to promote your music and achieve your goals. Get in touch with music bloggers and critics to let them know about your music and get positive reviews. But also, where helpful, use paid promotional tools, such as online advertising, to reach new audiences. Wiseband also has a specialised online marketing department.

    4. How to diversify your income?

    Streaming is not the only avenue of development or the only source of income for artists.

    Live performance remains essential and often allows the sale of records or merchandising (T-shirts, etc.) to finance the project. Again, Wiseband, specialised in services for self-produced artists, offers merchandising services.

    Using a start-up like Wiseband to put your music on Spotify or Deezer is the best way to do what’s in your hand to develop your project. You won’t necessarily become a star, but everyone can succeed!

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