How to dress for a concert?

How to dress for a concert?

A con­cert is a spe­cial event for which you have to choose your attire well to fit in with the atmos­phere and feel at ease. Whether you are attend­ing a musi­cal event in a con­cert hall or an opera, it is impor­tant to under­stand the type of event and the envi­ron­ment in which the con­cert is held. You won’t dress the same way for an out­door fes­ti­val in hot weath­er as you would for a con­cert in an air-con­di­tioned venue.

Need help choos­ing your con­cert attire? We help you:


    1. Rule number one: wear comfortable clothes

    What­ev­er type of con­cert you attend, you have to feel at ease.

    Your clothes and acces­sories can quick­ly become a nui­sance, and you will find danc­ing dif­fi­cult if they are too tight. Jeans, for exam­ple, can be a great all-pur­pose solu­tion; just make sure they are loose enough to dance in dur­ing the con­cert. Although every gig has its pecu­liar­i­ties, go for rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple attire that can get dirty, and that is ok to sweat in.

    2. Tailor your clothing to the theme of the concert

    To keep the con­cert’s theme, choose your clothes with this in mind.

    Pop, clas­si­cal music, rock, met­al, rap, opera… Each con­cert has its char­ac­ter­is­tics. The singer, the type of music, the venue, the loca­tion and the audi­ence are also cri­te­ria to con­sid­er when choos­ing what to wear. If you go to a con­cert by Dua Lipa, for exam­ple, you could wear a T‑shirt from her offi­cial mer­chan­dise to get more of a feel for the sit­u­a­tion.

    Final­ly, with this in mind, you can also dress with whom you’re going to the con­cert. Agree­ing on how to dress or dress up for a par­tic­u­lar artist or group is also very com­mon.

    3. Don’t forget to use the cloakroom

    In most con­cert halls there is a cloak­room where you can leave your belong­ings (back­pack, bag, coat, bulky clothes…). If you are going to a con­cert, you should also have some spare mon­ey for this. Even if it costs a few more euros, it can make your expe­ri­ence more enjoy­able. If you’re in the pit, you won’t have to wor­ry about your belong­ings or los­ing them. Also, think of oth­ers; if you sit on your seat, leav­ing all your things to the side, in front, etc., it can annoy oth­ers and obstruct the view.

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    4. What to wear to an open-air concert?

    Dress­ing for an out­door con­cert can be rel­a­tive­ly easy, as they are usu­al­ly organ­ised in spring or sum­mer.

    Tip: Don’t wear your favourite sneak­ers! As you nev­er know what the weath­er will be like and you nev­er know exact­ly what the venue will be like, be aware that at open-air con­certs, it is easy to get your clothes and shoes dirty. It is advis­able to wear some­thing you don’t care about and don’t mind get­ting dirty or even los­ing.

    Few open-air con­certs offer a cloak­room or a place to store your belong­ings. Be care­ful when in a crowd so your phone, wal­let or oth­er per­son­al belong­ings are not stolen or dropped.

    Anoth­er tip: Wear a jack­et or jumper. Regard­less of the time of year, it can get chilly if the con­cert lasts all night. It is bet­ter to wear too many lay­ers than not enough.

    5. What footwear to wear to a concert?

    Here are some tips on the choice of footwear:

    Wear casu­al shoes. It is sim­ple but fun­da­men­tal. You are like­ly to move and dance a lot: wear­ing tight or uncom­fort­able shoes can ruin your con­cert.
    Avoid heels: High heels will hurt you after a while, and open-toed shoes expose you to injuries.
    Opt for flat, com­fort­able shoes to keep your feet secure and pain-free.

    6. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery

    For danc­ing in a con­fined space, heavy or over­sized jew­ellery will be uncom­fort­able and may even hurt you or some­one next to you.

    You can choose lighter mate­ri­als, such as linen or leather, and small­er, more man­age­able jew­ellery. Gold or sil­ver chains, bracelets and neck­laces should be avoid­ed for safe­ty rea­sons.

    7. Leave accessories (phone, bag, etc.) at home.

    Leave your bag at home, so you don’t have to car­ry it.

    Keep a few essen­tials in a small cross-body bag, or car­ry what you need in your pock­ets to keep your hands free. Your ID card, mobile phone and some cash are all you need to enjoy the con­cert.

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