As the organizer (supplier), you sell tickets to Weezevent (distributor) who then resells them to attendees (buyers).


1 – As the Organizer of the event, you determine the price for each type of ticket or registration you wish to sell in Weezevent’s online interface.
Ex: $50 plus tax(es).

2 – This is the price paid before tax(es) paid by the Buyer through our ticketing module. WEEZEVENT’s commission is included in this price.
Ex: $50 plus tax(es) including Weezevent’s Commission

3 – At the time of purchase, on the condition that you, the Supplier, activated the option beforehand, the Buyer can request an invoice which they will receive by e-mail. The issuer of this invoice is the Supplier, the organizer of the event, while its recipient is the Buyer. The invoice includes the TAX rate the Organizer indicated in the interface (HST, PST, QST, GST, tax exempt, …). NB: the Buyer can also request this invoice at a later date, in which case the Organizer can address it to them through the interface (in the Registration List).
Ex : An event subjected to the Ontario Sales Taxes (HST 13%)
Ex : Total: $50.00 + $6.50 HST = $56.50

4 – Every 15 days (on the 1st and 16th of each month), Weezevent transfers to the Organizer the full amount of their sales over the previous 15 days (from the 16th to the 30th/31st of the month before or from the 1st to 15th of the current month), minus Weezevent’s commissions which are deducted from the sales amount. (Beware: it takes between 6 and 8 working days for the wire transfer order to be credited to the Organizer’s account ).
Ex : Weezevent’s commission, including transaction fees, is $2,68 per ticket: $56,50 x 2,75% = $0,99 plus Quebec sales taxes (Weezevent is registered in the Province of Quebec) = $2.68
Ex : $56.50 per ticket in sales – $2,68 in commissions (taxes included) = $53,8 transferred per ticket via direct wire

5 – If your tickets are taxable, you have to declare tax(es) collected and you can ask a refund for the taxes (GST/HST + QST) paid on the Weezevent’s commission.
Ex : Declare tax(es) collected > declare $6.50 HST per ticket on you GST/HST remittance report
Ex : As a business registered in Ontario, you can ask for a refund equivalent to 5% (GST in the Province of Quebec) on the Weezevent’s commission of $2.68 > refund of $0.13 GST per ticket

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