As the orga­niz­er (sup­pli­er), you sell tick­ets to Weezevent (dis­trib­u­tor) who then resells them to atten­dees (buy­ers).


1 — As the Orga­niz­er of the event, you deter­mine the price for each type of tick­et or reg­is­tra­tion you wish to sell in Weezevent’s online interface.
Ex: $50 plus tax(es).

2 — This is the price paid before tax(es) paid by the Buy­er through our tick­et­ing mod­ule. WEEZEVENT’s com­mis­sion is includ­ed in this price.
Ex: $50 plus tax(es) includ­ing Weezeven­t’s Commission

3 — At the time of pur­chase, on the con­di­tion that you, the Sup­pli­er, acti­vat­ed the option before­hand, the Buy­er can request an invoice which they will receive by e‑mail. The issuer of this invoice is the Sup­pli­er, the orga­niz­er of the event, while its recip­i­ent is the Buy­er. The invoice includes the TAX rate the Orga­niz­er indi­cat­ed in the inter­face (HST, PST, QST, GST, tax exempt, …). NB: the Buy­er can also request this invoice at a lat­er date, in which case the Orga­niz­er can address it to them through the inter­face (in the Reg­is­tra­tion List).
Ex : An event sub­ject­ed to the Ontario Sales Tax­es (HST 13%)
Ex : Total: $50.00 + $6.50 HST = $56.50

4 — Every 15 days (on the 1st and 16th of each month), Weezevent trans­fers to the Orga­niz­er the full amount of their sales over the pre­vi­ous 15 days (from the 16th to the 30th/31st of the month before or from the 1st to 15th of the cur­rent month), minus Weezevent’s com­mis­sions which are deduct­ed from the sales amount. (Beware: it takes between 6 and 8 work­ing days for the wire trans­fer order to be cred­it­ed to the Organizer’s account ).
Ex : Weezeven­t’s com­mis­sion, includ­ing trans­ac­tion fees, is $2,68 per tick­et: $56,50 x 2,75% = $0,99 plus Que­bec sales tax­es (Weezevent is reg­is­tered in the Province of Que­bec) = $2.68
Ex : $56.50 per tick­et in sales — $2,68 in com­mis­sions (tax­es includ­ed) = $53,8 trans­ferred per tick­et via direct wire

5 – If your tick­ets are tax­able, you have to declare tax(es) col­lect­ed and you can ask a refund for the tax­es (GST/HST + QST) paid on the Weezeven­t’s commission.
Ex : Declare tax(es) col­lect­ed > declare $6.50 HST per tick­et on you GST/HST remit­tance report
Ex : As a busi­ness reg­is­tered in Ontario, you can ask for a refund equiv­a­lent to 5% (GST in the Province of Que­bec) on the Weezeven­t’s com­mis­sion of $2.68 > refund of $0.13 GST per ticket

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