About us

Designed by organizers, for organizers

Weezevent is a French start-up created in April 2008.

It launched the first French self-service ticketing platform through online software (Software As A Service) aimed at event organizers. Its simple, fast and professional solution is freely accessible and allows organizers to create their customized event, to offer tickets, registrations or invitations online, to promote their event, to follow its organization, and finally to handle reception and admission control on the day of the event. Since its inception, Weezevent has among its clients thousands of event organizers of all sizes, operating in all fields of event-planning, mostly in Europe, but increasingly in Canada as well.

A local support

The quality of our support is guaranteed by the presence of regional Weezevent offices. Our teams are present in France, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany.

  • 350,000 organisers
  • 100 team members
  • 6 offices

We take care of the tech, you take care of the planning!

The Weezevent spirit is to think of a solution suited to your needs. Working with all kinds of event planners allows us to offer a complete and cross-functional solution. Over the years, we have learned to go beyond the limits of ticketing to find solutions to all your challenges. Weezevent’s solution was designed by event planners, for event planners.


“While, innovation is at the heart of our mission, I make sure every day that my mother could use Weezevent.”

Pierre-Henri Deballon Cofounder

Weez Story

  • 2006

  • weezevent_sebastien-et-ph_nb
    Sébastien and Pierre-Henri become event planners (Vélotour) but cannot find an online registration solution that meets their needs.
  • 2007

  • weezevent-2012-5-ans3
    Other planners face the same issue. We quit our jobs and Yann Pages joins the team.
  • 2008

  • weezevent-2009-premier-event
    We test our beta system at the Concert Européen de La Sorbonne (Sorbonne's European Concert) with an attendance of 1,000+ people.
  • 2009

  • weezevent-2011_flyer_bourges_permis_de_vendre-001
    We launch the first French ticketing self-service platform and land some big accounts - Patrimonio festival (15,000 attendees) and Polytechnique’s student Ball.
  • 2010

  • weezevent-b2-qot4caaejuxt
    Win the Innovation Grand Price awarded by the city of Paris and launch of version 2 of Weezevent's ticketing system.
  • 2011

  • weezevent-photo-equipe_5m-1900x1266
    Interview on the show Télématin on French channel France 2 before managing the Motocross World Championship. Weezevent now integrates to Facebook for the sale of the tickets. And we raise a million euros to accelerate.
  • 2012

  • weezevent-010-e1515502919886
    The startup Wooticket joins Weezevent, and its founding team Christophe and Moritz take the lead of out IT. Weezevent launches an access control solution based on a smartphone app and a professional barcode reader plugged to an iPod.
  • 2013

  • weezevent-2018_rbarwrr_04-1000x667
    Launch of the ticket office with a tablet and thermal printer allowing event planners to sell at 360°.
  • 2014

  • weezevent-hermes-rivera-716232-unsplash-1900x1011
    With extraordinary growth, Weezevent wins Deloitte's In Extenso Technology Fast 500 EMEA. Simultaneously, we're crossing the Atlantic and opening an office in the land of our Canadian cousins - Montreal.
  • 2015

  • weezevent-pcp-200116-156-1900x1264
    Vente-privée invests with the co-founders while Weezevent and the gods of cashless payment (Arthur, Matthieu and Thomas, the founders of Nemopay) merge to create the first solution offering both ticketing and cashless payment.
  • 2016

  • weezevent-2016_uefa-ambiance-1900x1425
    The European Championship’s FanZone rolls out our cashless solution. Thousands of transactions are carried out using our devices and our interface.
  • 2017

  • weezevent-grandprix-1900x1425
    Weezevent reaches 100,000 event planners and opens offices in London and Madrid.
  • 2018

  • propósitos_año_nuevo
    We celebrated our 10th Birthday, put 20,000,000 tickets through our system, worked with 35,000 organisers, and distributed 2,000,000 NFC cards & wristbands.
  • 2019

  • 2019-Darts
    Present in Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France… Weezevent is truly international!
  • 2020

  • público-cornemuses-2020
    2020 was a year like no other especially in the live event industry. Innovation has never been so important to deal with the problems presented by this pandemic.
  • 2021

  • weezevent-playpass-fusion-cashless-evenementiel
    Weezevent and PlayPass merge to become the leader in cashless event solutions and deliver their busiest summer of fully cashless events to date in the UK.
  • 2022

  • About us
    In 2022, it's over 120,000 events, 35 million tickets issued, and 61 million cashless transactions recorded.
  • 2023

  • recrewteer et weezevent
    1 million events created with our ticketing service, 590 large-scale international events and Recrewteer joining us to complete our solutions.
  • 2024

  • About us
    To be continued...

Our offices

  • 🇨🇦
    8506 rue St-Denis
    H2P 2H2 Montréal (Québec)
  • 🇬🇧
    United Kingdom
    Floor 5 & 6, Tower Point 44 North Road
    BN1 1YR Brighton
  • 🇫🇷
    10 rue Morice
    92110 Clichy
  • 🇨🇭
    Rue Pré-du-Marché 23
    CH-1004 Lausanne
  • 🇧🇪
    Broederminstraat 52 bus 11
    2018 Antwerp
  • 🇪🇸
    Calle Alcalá, 265 Edificio 2 - 3D
    28027 Madrid


  • Pierre-Henri Deballon
    Pierre-Henri Deballon Co-Founder & CEO

    Pierre-Henri mainly drives Weezevent’s strategy, finance, business management and marketing. 

    Pierre-Henri previously worked in business development and strategy consulting. It was around that time that he came up with the concept for Vélotour, “an unexpected bike ride” gathering 25,000 people each year. A former athlete, Pierre-Henri played professional handball for a year. Since 2008 he supports startups as coach and jury member in competitions or as a business angel along with Sébastien. Pierre-Henri graduated from ESCP-EAP in entrepreneurship and Paris Dauphine University in Economics and Sports Management, where he met Sébastien.

  • Sébastien Tonglet
    Sébastien Tonglet Co-Founder & General Manager

    Sébastien breaks the rules and follows his intuition to develop Weezevent’s activity and product. 

    Sébastien built his career in media and telecom, first in the advertising department at NRJ Group then working for Orange’s TV business unit. Attracted to projects in launch phase, Sébastien then joined ASSU 2000 Group as a business development project manager to drive the launch of its web activity and implementation on the Spanish market. Around the same time, Sébastien co-founded Vélotour — the first leasure biking event in France — and co-invested with Pierre-Henri in companies they liked. Sébastien graduated from Paris Panthéon-Assas University with a Masters in Marketing and Communication, and from University Paris Dauphine in Economics and Sports Management where he met Pierre-Henri. Furthermore, Sébastien is a former top level athlete in Judo.

The WeezTeam

“The challenges we face in the events industry are fascinating, and we use innovating technologies outlining a limitless number of groundbreaking applications. Then it all comes alive every day at our clients’ events. And that’s the most rewarding.”

  • Sales
  • Client Success
  • Client Service
  • Marketing
  • Tech
  • Product
  • Events Operations
  • Finance
  • International
  • Grégor
    Grégor Chief Revenue Officer
  • About us
    Julien Country Manager - Canada
  • Nordine
    Nordine Head of Sales
  • weezevent-loic
    Loïc Sales Manager
  • About us
    Margot Sales Manager
  • Nicolas Nusim - COO
    Nicolas Chief Operating Officer
  • About us
    Juliette Client Success Manager – Canada
  • Pauline
    Pauline Client Success Manager – Canada
  • Geoffrey
    Geoffrey Head of Client Success Manager
  • Julie
    Julie Head of Client Success Manager
  • Marc-Antoine
    Marc-Antoine Head of Client Success Manager
  • Thomas
    Thomas Head of Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Clara Lead Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Grégoire Lead Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Louison Lead Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Nicolas Lead Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Anthony Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Brieuc Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Capucine Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Clémence Client Success Manager
  • Edouard
    Edouard Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Ezequiel Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Faustine Client Success Manager
  • About us
    François Client Success Manager
  • Josephine
    Joséphine Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Maxime Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Quentin Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Tristan Client Success Manager
  • About us
    Thibault Client Success Manager
  • Manon
    Manon Client Service Manager
  • Anthony
    Anthony Lead Client Service Advisor
  • Aurore
    Aurore Client Service Advisor
  • Daniela
    Daniela Client Service Advisor
  • Emma
    Emma Client Service Advisor
  • Matthieu
    Matthieu Client Service Advisor
  • About us
    Rima Client Service Advisor
  • About us
    Alexis Chief Marketing Officer
  • About us
    Emilie Content Manager
  • About us
    Esma Brand & Event Manager
  • About us
    Ismail Acquisition Manager
  • About us
    Marieta Marketing Coordinator
  • Matthieu
    Matthieu Chief Technical Officer
  • Bruno
    Bruno Engineering Manager
  • About us
    Dale Engineering Manager
  • nuno
    Nuno Engineering Manager
  • About us
    Adrian Developer
  • About us
    Adrien Developer
  • About us
    Alexandre Developer
  • weezevent-amine
    Amine Developer
  • About us
    Anis Developer
  • About us
    Aymeric Developer
  • Dylan
    Dylan Developer
  • About us
    François Developer
  • weezevent-jean-philippe
    Jean-Philippe Developer
  • About us
    John Developer
  • About us
    Jovana Developer
  • weezevent-karine
    Karine Developer
  • About us
    Léo Developer
  • About us
    Maarten Developer
  • Marylou
    Marylou Developer
  • David
    David Chief Product Officer
  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Product Owner
  • weezevent-ashdod
    Ashdod Product Owner
  • About us
    Baptiste Product Owner
  • weezevent-bastien
    Bastien Product Owner
  • weezevent-benedicte
    Bénédicte Product Owner
  • About us
    Jarl Product Owner
  • About us
    Nicolas Product Owner
  • About us
    Yannick Product Owner
  • About us
    Thibaud UX / UI Designer
  • Laurent
    Laurent Events Operations Manager
  • About us
    Rebecca Logistic Supervisor
  • About us
    Moussa Events Operations Agent
  • About us
    Paul Events Operations Agent
  • romane
    Romane Events Operations Agent
  • weezevent-emmanuel
    Emmanuel Chief Financial Officer
  • About us
    Nyama Finance Manager
  • About us
    Valentina Finance Controller
  • daniel
    Daniel Accounting Manager
  • About us
    Issa Accounting Executive
  • About us
    Karin Talent Acquisition Manager
  • About us
    Olly Country Manager – UK
  • About us
    Jess Client Success Manager - UK
  • Amandine
    Amandine Executive VP – Spain
  • Emily
    Emily Chief Operating Officer – Spain
  • About us
    Andrés Client Success Manager - Spain
  • About us
    Laurent Country Manager – Switzerland
  • About us
    Adelin Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • About us
    Cyrill Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • About us
    Florence Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • Michela
    Michela Client Success Manager – Switzerland
  • Luca
    Luca Senior Business Developper - Switzerland
  • Romain
    Romain Junior Business Developper - Switzerland
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