Adyen is the payment platform of choice for thousands of e-commerce and retailers to optimise their transactions worldwide.

Your events’ attendees can use multiple means of payment to buy their tickets, thanks to the secure technologies of Adyen and Weezevent.

  • 20 countries covered.
  • 5,000 international clients.

Develop secure and innovative payment solutions.

Adyen is the preferred payment platform for many of the world’s leading companies. Its unified platform and innovation capabilities help e-commerce and retailers to optimise their payments and innovate for the future.

Secure and facilitate the collection of payments for event organisers.

Adyen helps Weezevent offer new frictionless payment experiences. From online ticketing to on-site purchases, Adyen manages all stages of payment. Event attendees can buy their tickets online and at the event with the payment method they choose: VISA, Mastercard, etc.

Adyen and Weezevent offer innovative payment experiences to thousands of event attendees – NFC cards and wristbands to be topped up online and on-site…

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