The CRM tool designed for your festival

Segment and target all your festivalgoers and partners, monitor performance, optimise sales and communicate before, during and after your festival with WeezTarget!

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The marketing solution for festivals.

With our marketing solution for festivals, creating and sending targeted messages to your attendees has never been easier. Maintain a close relationship with your audiences by communicating through the channels of your choice, including email, social networks, SMS and push notifications.

  • Fast

    Reduce the time spent on communication campaigns.

  • Reliable

    No more import/export errors. All your data is centralised.

  • Secure

    Your data is protected and you are its sole owner.

Action on stage, behind the scenes and in your CRM.

Develop communication strategies and schedule actions at the key moments of your festival with WeezTarget’s range of features:

  • Real-time update of your data on ticketing, access control and cashless payment.
  • Automation of dynamic campaigns.
  • Analysis of indicators of performance via intuitive dashboards.
  • Management and monitoring of partner invitations.
  • Automatic update of contact and attendee forms.
  • Personalisation of all your marketing messages.
  • Import of external data in just one click.
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    Segment and target your different types of festivalgoers.

    With targeted segmentation, schedule special offers that are targeted and relevant. Reward the most loyal fans, attract attendees who are losing interest, ensure young audiences are welcomed… Sell tickets throughout the year according to the opportunities you identify. Reach your goals and your capacity!

  • Landing – EN – Solution CRM pour festivals

    Don’t wait until the last minute to sell tickets.

    Analyse the results of your campaigns with performance indicators specific to music festivals, including conversion rates, tickets sold, average basket, geographical and demographic distribution, and more. Correct the situation or stay the course as D-day approaches. Measure the profitability of your marketing actions in the blink of an eye!

Gather all your data in one place.

Sync your ticketing, access control and cashless payment solutions. Find all your attendee data in a single interface, including number of tickets purchased, purchase dates and channels, entries in the different areas of your site, payments at bars and catering points, and more.

Improve your interactions with your attendees at all key moments of their paths with the tracking and analytics offered by our emailing and marketing software — before, during and after your festival!

A safe for your data.

All our solutions are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Protect your data with a reliable and robust tool: WeezTarget. Information on attendees, scheduling announcements, financial data… you have control of everything!

Landing – EN – Solution CRM pour festivals

Discover who your audience really is.

Sort and analyse your contacts within our marketing tool using your events’ data. Contacts are automatically updated and merged on a single form if they are recognised as identical. Find each attendee’s history and activity on the dedicated forms!

Landing – EN – Solution CRM pour festivals
  • Landing – EN – Solution CRM pour festivals

    Offer unique experiences to your attendees.

    Personalise each attendee’s path and communicate on their favourite communication channels. Be it email, social networks, SMS or mobile notifications, identify the usages they prefer. Develop a relationship based on loyalty through your exchanges.

  • Landing – EN – Solution CRM pour festivals

    Enhance the artistic nature of your communications.

    Highlight your festival’s image with our campaign editor’s intuitive features. All your messages are automatically adapted to all types of screens. Your festival’s identity has never been so important!

New partnership and sponsorship opportunities!

Envisage endless possibilities for partnership and sponsorship campaigns with your intricately segmented database. Innovate with new offers and attract groups looking for new experiences.

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  • Boost your sales
  • Optimise your communication campaigns

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