The cashless payment solution designed for campsites and tourist activities

Enhance your holidaymakers’ experience and boost your sales with an easy-to-implement cashless payment system for your campsite or tourist related business.

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Improve sales on products across your campsite now!

Digitise payments at your campsite with Weezevent’s cashless payment solution:

  • Save time on collections and online orders
  • Encourage holidaymakers to consume items onsite and within the campsite’s ecosystem
  • Increase the volume of orders and the quality of your service to your guests
  • Make transactions more secure by limiting the circulation of cash
  • Reduce handling errors and fraud
  • Make additional sales with targeted commercial campaigns
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A suite of dedicated tools for campsites.

  • Cashless payments

    Payment for all activities and services with a connected wristband.

  • Pre-order

    Online ordering, collection at the point of consumption or delivery to the customer’s location, be it a mobile home, table, sun lounger, etc.

  • Cash register solution

    A stand-alone solution, or a powerful add-on to your system. Compatible with cashless payments and pre-ordering.

A smooth, contactless path for your holidaymakers.

  • Distribute NFC items as soon as holidaymakers arrive on site and encourage initial top-ups
  • Activate cashless payments for all your services
  • Offer top-ups via a smartphone or at top-up points
  • Offer the option of a refund on the balance of unspent funds at the end of the stay

Improved management thanks to a connected payment solution.

  • Find your customers’ location for an easy Click & Delivery service
  • Access order tracking and transaction history in one click
  • Optimise stock management by tracking sales in real time
  • Consolidate financial data via our reporting suite and save time on accounting
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Offer an optimal holiday experience.

  • Allow guests to spend with ease and enjoy a relaxing stay thanks to their ‘wristband wallet’
  • Award personalised benefits according to the guests’ profile and behaviour: automatic discounts, free activities or rewards
  • Choose between a range of durable and waterproof NFC wearables depending on your needs: card, or fabric/silicone wristband
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Benefit from an innovative cash register solution.

A cash register solution that’s compatible with all means of payment:

  • Configure your menu in a matter of minutes
  • Instantly deploy mobile payment terminals
  • Simplify order taking and collection for your teams
  • Accept all payment methods: cashless, bank card or cash
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use interface
  • Create special offers and rewards according to guest profiles
Landing – EN-CA – Tourisme & Campings

One-click purchasing via our pre-ordering tool.

  • Activate contactless ordering on your website and app via a link or QR code
  • Create digital menus in multiple languages that can be accessed with no need for users to create an account
  • Customise your menu with hi-res photos and descriptions
  • Give customers the option to pay online, with the waiter/waitress or at the till
  • Automatically send order tracking notifications to customers
  • Receive and send orders simultaneously to preparation points
  • Identify the tables or places to be served with the Click & Delivery package
  • Offer Click & Collect with order collection at the point of sale
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  • Via a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Easy to navigate menus.
  • One-click purchase without the need to create an account.
  • Quick, simple and easy.

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