Code of Ethics

Last update: 26/05/2023

We believe equality, respect and integrity are fundamental principles that run through all our activities. To help achieve this, we have established a code of ethics which is integrated at the heart of our mission. It defines the standards and values that guide the organisation and its employees in their interactions with customers, partners and suppliers. This document is a reference for our decisions and commitments to ensure our activities are conducted ethically. In addition, this code contributes to creating a transparent and accountable environment, fostering the trust of all stakeholders in our organisation.

Our mission and values

Since the creation of Weezevent in 2008, our mission has been to provide everyone, amateurs and professionals from all sectors, with access to technology and tools essential to their events’ success.

That’s why every decision we make, from product design to customer service to business management, is above all driven by the desire to be the best solution for all event organisers.

We are proud to be a 100% independent company, profitable since our inception, and we firmly believe that healthy and controlled growth is preferable to hyper-growth without a compass.

We focus on these 4 values to ensure they are included in all our actions:

  • Innovation: We always strive to excel by using creativity and look to new ideas to drive change and positive progress in all aspects of our organisation.
  • Ambition: We set high targets and work with determination to achieve them, constantly seeking to improve in order to create lasting value to everyone.
  • Diversity: Diversity is a richness, and we ensure that our solutions and work environment can reflect all perspectives and opinions.
  • Passion: We believe our enthusiasm is the key to unlocking our full potential and achieving great things together.

We are an international team spread over 6 offices and are united by a common goal: to help you create unforgettable experiences. We take pride in working alongside you to craft emotional connections, foster meaningful encounters, and facilitate shared experiences, ensuring that every event becomes an unforgettable and distinctive moment.
All employees must respect this code of ethics in their professional life and brand representation outside of work. This implies that it applies to all interactions between teammates, including at events, trade shows, shared online spaces (Slack, email, etc.), social media, and other situations where they represent Weezevent.

Each employee adheres to the following fundamental principles:

  1. Strictly enforce internal laws, regulations and standards.
  2. Treat each individual with equity and dignity, without any form of discrimination.
  3. Consider the environmental impact of our actions and reduce the company’s ecological footprint.
  4. Ensure gender equality by offering equal opportunities for career development.
  5. Act with honesty, transparency, sincerity and reliability in all situations.
  6. Respect the rules of free competition and reject corruption in all its forms.
  7. Demonstrate loyalty to the company by avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining the confidentiality of information.
  8. Encourage the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance to achieve the company’s common goals.
  9. Protect the Group’s assets and commit to continuously improving the quality of products and services.
  10. Maintain political and religious neutrality within the company and its services.

Data protection

True to our commitment from the beginning, it is important to remember that our users are the sole masters of their data. Weezevent was created by event organisers, so data ownership is a founding element that we will continue to defend.

Every user can access their data anytime, and we put all our energy into protecting this. We are proud of our reputation as a trusted provider, recognised by customers such as the French Government and many other organisers for the security and protection of their data.

Sustainable development

We are fully aware of the importance of our responsibility towards the environment. We are actively committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices at all levels of our company. Here is an overview of the specific actions we are taking to promote sustainable development.

We have undertaken a scope 3 carbon footprint assessment, which involves a thorough analysis of all our greenhouse gas emissions. To ensure objectivity and rigor in this evaluation, we have turned to a specialised external consultant. This study allows us to fully understand our carbon footprint and identify areas where we need to take action.

Based on the results of our carbon footprint assessment, we have developed an action plan to reduce our environmental impact. We are particularly focused on carbon-saving initiatives, actively seeking solutions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We work closely with our suppliers, such as our carriers, terminal providers, and NFC support partners, to minimise the impact of our joint activities.

In addition to our internal efforts, we also aim to raise awareness among our customers about the importance of sustainable development. We actively promote the use of products made from recycled materials and encourage our customers to adopt more sustainable practices when organising their events.

Lastly, we have fostered a culture of awareness within our organization. We encourage our employees to adopt environmentally-friendly practices in their professional lives. Awareness initiatives, such as training on good ecological practices and internal communication campaigns, are regularly put in place to encourage individual and collective responsibility.

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