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Why choose Weezevent?

As an event organiser, you face many unique challenges. How can you offer your attendees a reliable and secure way to resell their tickets? How can you protect your event and your fans from profiteering and ticket fraud? How can you boost your revenue without increasing ticket prices?

We have just the solution for you: specifically designed to meet the needs of event organisers, our dedicated module provides you with a secure platform where attendees can purchase and resell second-hand tickets to each other, generating additional revenue for your event.

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Our mission.

  • Fight against ticket fraud and profiteering
  • Give customers a solution in case of unforeseen events
  • Secure all transactions between private individuals
  • Allow organisers to regain control over the secondary market
  • Reward responsible fans

Secure and transparent.

A ticket’s validity is checked before it is offered for resale. Its old barcode is invalidated and a new one is generated and integrated into our system. Once the ticket is sold, the original ticket owner receives an email confirming the sale and the refund process begins!

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A resale solution for event organisers and their attendees.

  • Designed with your attendees in mind.

    Our platform allows ticket holders to easily resell their tickets via your website if they cannot attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances. This easy and reliable system allows them to quickly and securely get their money back without going through third-party websites.

  • Beneficial for organisers.

    By choosing Weezevent, organisers benefit from the smooth incorporation of the resale system into their graphics, the ability to track resales in real time, complete control over secondary market data and the opportunity to create a new source of revenue.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the ticket resale process work with Weezevent?

Ticket holders of concerts or festivals can easily put their tickets up for sale on an integrated platform that can be accessed through the organiser’s website for the event in question. Tickets are put up for sale once they are confirmed as valid. A new barcode is generated for each ticket offered for resale to ensure that the transaction is secure.

Are ticket resales on Weezevent secure?

Yes, ticket resales on Weezevent are completely secure. Each ticket is checked before being put up for sale and a new barcode is generated. This ensures that only valid tickets are offered for resale on our platform.

How do I buy a second-hand ticket on Weezevent?

You can purchase second-hand tickets in minutes by accessing the event’s resale platform: you can usually find the link to the platform on the event website. Once a second-hand ticket has been purchased, the resale amount is transferred to the original seller.

What happens if I can't attend the event after having bought a ticket?

If you can no longer attend an event, you can easily resell your ticket on the resale platform featured on the event’s website. This option is available for all events whose organisers have chosen to enable it. If you are not sure whether it is available, please contact the organiser, who will explain your options to you.

How can I be sure that the ticket I'm buying on Weezevent is valid?

Weezevent guarantees that every ticket offered for resale on our platform is valid. Before resale, each ticket is checked and a new barcode is generated, which will be uniquely assigned to you.

What happens to the money made from reselling a ticket?

When a ticket is resold, the original buyer receives a refund, with resale fees deducted from the total amount. This ensures that transactions are secure and transparent for everyone involved.

Can I resell my ticket on Weezevent for a higher price than I bought it for?

Weezevent aims to combat profiteering in the ticketing market. Resale policies may vary for different events, but generally reselling a ticket at a higher price than the ticket’s face value is not permitted.

What happens if I don't sell my ticket?

If you do not sell your ticket before the event, it is still considered your ticket. You can still use it to attend the event.

When will I receive the money I made from selling my ticket?

When your ticket has been sold, you will receive a confirmation email. The transfer of your refund will then be processed: you will receive it within a few days (depending on processing times between banks).

How does the new buyer get their ticket?

Once the transaction is complete, a new ticket is generated with a unique barcode and sent directly to the email address provided by the buyer.

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