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Make access control easy and deliver an outstanding event experience thanks to our intra-site NFC access control solution, perfectly suited to events of all shapes and sizes.

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Control access with contactless technology. Limitlessly.

Discover an access control solution that is highly adaptable and able to evolve over time, guaranteeing accurate, fast and hassle-free access control for all types of events.

Control access using various media

Whether you’re using NFC chips, printed tickets, e-tickets, badges or accreditations, our access control solution is designed to read a variety of media. This guarantees maximum flexibility in meeting your event’s specific requirements.

Control access anywhere

Whether you want to control access to venues, stadiums or special intra-site locations such as backstage, VIP or fan areas, our system can adapt to venues of many different sizes and layouts. Moreover, it enables you to monitor the number of check-ins, allowing you to accurately determine crowding levels at any given moment.

Control access for specific groups

Whether you are hosting the general public, VIPs, partners, press or professional staff, our solution allows you to customise and manage different access levels with great flexibility. This freedom means that you can accurately control who has access to which areas at any given time.

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Manage your intra-site access control effectively.

Optimise the management of your site’s different areas with our dedicated solution for intra-site access control.

Clearly defined areas

Define specific areas within your event venue and assign different access levels for each one. This ensures that each attendee, whether they are VIPs, staff or an accredited party, can only access the areas they are authorised to enter. Say goodbye to visual checks and colour-coded wristbands!

Flow management

Monitor and control the flow of attendees within your event venue. By controlling access in and out, you will know exactly how many people are in each area, which allows you to prevent unexpected overcrowding.

Different access privileges

Customise attendees’ access rights according to their category. This allows you to easily manage the different groups of people attending your event.

Participation reports

Benefit from a system that precisely tracks how many attendees go in and out of each specific area. This data will help you assess how effective your access system is and gauge attendees’ interest in your venue’s different areas. This will allow you to make any necessary changes when organising future events.

An enhanced attendee experience

By controlling access to different areas, you ensure that your attendees enjoy a more enjoyable, less chaotic experience. They are able to gain quick and smooth access to the areas assigned to them.

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  • Suited to all your events
  • High-performance access control terminals
  • Real-time tracking and analytics
  • Expert support

Portable terminals to optimise the welcoming process.

Our portable access control terminals make welcoming your visitors easy, ensuring a perfectly smooth process. Designed to optimise the process to access your events, this type of terminal is high-performance, reliable and easy to use.

High-end performance

Able to complete up to 800 scans per hour, our terminal can read all types of media: paper, smartphones or NFC media. Enjoy a battery life of 12 hours during intensive use, which guarantees continuous service for the duration of your event.

Reliable in all conditions

Our terminals are designed to withstand any challenges that your environment may present. They comply with the MIL-STD 810 durability standard and are waterproof (IP 67), which makes them exceptionally sturdy and durable devices. Moreover, in the event of network failure, they store scanned data for asynchronous processing, which means that service can continue in all circumstances.

Easy to use

Getting started with our portable terminals is simple, as each device features a large screen for optimal readability. The screen displays the status of the ticket in colour, as well as personalised messages requesting supporting documents, making check-ins quick and easy. Moreover, by tracking check-ins on your dashboard in real time, you are able to determine at a glance how your event is progressing.

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Fixed terminals for autonomous access control.

Our fixed access control terminal, WeezAccess Box, can be your trusted ally in managing a smooth welcoming process, carried out in optimal conditions. Offering a higher number of scans and easy to deploy, this terminal is the perfect tool for your event.

High-volume scanning

Our fixed terminal is able to complete up to 1,200 scans per hour and can read all types of media: paper, smartphones and NFC media. This ensures that all your attendees enjoy a fast and effective admissions process, whatever identification method they use.

Flexible deployment

Our WeezAccess Box can either be installed as a standalone access control point or linked to pre-installed or temporary turnstiles. Its flexible deployment means that you can adapt your access control system to your venue and event type.

Customisation and ease of use

Our fixed terminals are easy to use as they display the status of tickets in colour and automatically open doors. You can also customise them to display your event’s colours for a smooth aesthetic integration. Moreover, the ability to track check-ins on your dashboard in real time allows you to keep crowding levels under control at all times.

WeezAccess Box

Real-time tracking & detailed reports.

Our NFC access control solution offers you an overview of your business in real time and after your event has ended, providing you and your sponsors with valuable data.

Precise tracking in real time

Use our system’s interface to track each ticket scanner’s activity and to monitor crowding levels at your event. This information is automatically updated and can be accessed from your smartphone or computer. Our graphic display tools and precise statistics allow you to define and track your goals so that you can manage your event as smoothly as possible.

Detailed participation reports

Once your event has ended, reap the benefits of detailed participation reports. This accurate analysis of the event’s attendees will give you a deeper understanding of their patterns and behaviours, allowing you to optimise your future events.

Valuable data for your sponsors

Use your attendees’ anonymised demographic data to attract and win over sponsors. From arrival time to age, this information is valuable for sponsors as it helps them to effectively target their desired audience. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your partnerships and maximise the impact of your events.

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Combine access control and NFC payments.

Embrace the efficiency and convenience of NFC with our all-in-one solution, and deliver a smooth and seamless event experience.

All-in-one NFC media

Weezevent’s NFC technology is a comprehensive solution for your event’s attendees, allowing them to both access the venue and make payments on-site. By combining access control and a payment system in the same media, you can provide them with a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

Improve security and efficiency with a cashless payment system

Cashless systems not only reduce unnecessary queuing but also make managing transactions and online sales much more secure. These systems do not involve cash and therefore ensure that transactions are entirely traceable. This allows for more accurate accounting and drastically reduces the risk of fraud.

Enhance your attendees' experience

As well as access control and payment features, NFC offers your attendees opportunities to gamify processes, interact with sponsors or engage with brand activation. This enhances your audience’s overall experience and increases engagement during the event.


Discover the benefits of NFC access control.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the chip reader work in Weezevent's access control system?

Our system’s chip readers use Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to quickly and accurately identify badges, cards, wristbands or any other type of NFC media.

What are the benefits of using NFC technology for access control?

Using NFC technology has several benefits: it allows you to perform quick, secure and contactless access control. Compared to the traditionally used RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) method, NFC offers a better read range, faster pairing and the added option to carry out two-way transactions. Furthermore, NFC technology can be used for multiple applications, for example by integrating a payment system onto the same media.

What are the benefits of using Weezevent's NFC access control system at my event?

Using our system at your event has various benefits. Not only does it give your attendees a smooth, contactless entry experience, it also allows you to manage crowding levels in real time, identify attendees with accuracy and increase security, while offering a range of other applications to improve attendees’ overall experience at your event.

What happens if I lose my NFC card or wristband?

Security is a top priority for Weezevent. If you lose your NFC card or wristband, we can easily deactivate it to ensure that your account remains secure. We can also quickly issue you with a new card to limit your inconvenience.

What types of media can NFC technology read?

NFC technology can read a variety of media if they are equipped with a chip, such as badges, cards, wristbands and stickers. This means that it offers great flexibility in various applications.

How can I contact technical support if I experience problems with my NFC card or scanner?

You can contact our technical support team by phone, by email or via the contact form on our website. We are here to help you solve any problem you may encounter.

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