Our CSR commitments

Discover Weezevent’s committed initiatives for a sustainable and ethical future. Through our actions today, we are working to minimise our ecological footprint and promote responsible growth while offering innovative solutions for event organisers.

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By facilitating the organisation of events, Weezevent allows people to meet, party, dance, encourage their team, learn from speakers, see the best artists... Simply, to LIVE, by creating memories. Because you trust us, Weezevent works well and, at our scale, we want to contribute to improving things a little for all.

Pierre-Henri Deballon CEO of Weezevent

A high-level sponsorship: Arian Lemal - The Sweeper of the Peaks

We are proud to be sponsors of Arian Lemal, a mountain enthusiast and fervent defender of the environment. Nicknamed the “Sweeper of the Peaks”, Arian is actively engaged in cleaning the summits and encourages us to respect, appreciate and protect the environment and mountain ecosystems.

In 2023, Weezevent is sponsoring Arian’s expedition to the Himalayas, where he is committed to cleaning up the waste found during his ascent of Mount Everest, thus contributing to preserving this majestic environment.

By supporting Arian we celebrate the diversity of cultures and landscapes while helping to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment.

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Cultivating ecological awareness

Knowledge is the first step in meeting the challenges of climate issues and at the beginning of 2023 each Weezevent employee had the choice between two books:

  • World Without End, a comic book by Jean-Marc Jancovici and Christophe Blain.
  • Tout comprendre (ou Presque) sur le climat [Understanding everything (or almost) about the climate], by Anne Brès, Claire MARC and Thomas Wagner (Bon Pote)

The books were ordered from a local bookstore to suit our approach!


Reducing our carbon footprint

Our commitment to the environment involves reducing our carbon impact. Our main actions to achieve this are:

  • Extending the life of our equipment: We limit our material acquisitions by making sure to optimise their lifespan, whether by repairing them, offering them a second life or prioritising the purchase of used equipment for our employees.
  • Limiting our travel: We strive to reduce our travel by adopting a “local first” approach through offices located in the heart of each market, encouraging remote work and choosing the train as the preferred mode of transport for essential travel over planes.

International solidarity: Donation for Ukraine

Our daily mission is to facilitate the organisation of events and strengthen the links between individuals. We believe in the importance of mutual aid and solidarity, especially in difficult situations. Thus, in line with our values, we donated €10,000 to the National Bank of Ukraine, providing support and aid to humanitarian efforts during a critical moment.

  • Professional Equality Index

    Equality between women and men is a priority, as evidenced by our score of 89/100 on the Professional Equality Index. Our daily commitment is to make Weezevent a workplace where equality is a reality.

  • Weezevent's code of ethics

    Our code of ethics steers all our interactions with our customers, partners or suppliers. This code helps to create a transparent and accountable environment, fostering the trust of all stakeholders.

    Read our Code of Ethics

New initiatives on the horizon

We are convinced that events can be a catalyst for positive change. We are currently working on various initiatives to improve our CSR endeavour, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Stay tuned to discover soon the specific actions we will be implementing for a more sustainable and united future.

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