Mondial de la Bière Montreal
Mondial de la Bière Montreal

Mondial de la Bière Montreal

The Mondial de la Bière Montreal: the benefits of cashless payment for organisers and attendees.

The Mondial de la Bière in Montreal has turned to cashless payment to replace its coupon system, in a move that has saved time for both organisers and attendees.

In action:
  • 93 breweries present.
  • 46 transactions per minute.
  • 33 000 litres of beer served.

Since 1994, the Mondial de la Bière in Montreal has held the title of largest international beer tasting festival in the Americas. In 2019, nearly 60,000 attendees visited the Windsor Station in the space of four days for the festival’s 26th edition. Since 2019, the Mondial de la Bière in Montreal has placed its trust in Weezevent’s cashless and ticketing solutions to ensure the event’s smooth running!

Improving queue management by reaching 46 transactions per minute.

With large numbers of beer lovers rushing to the various brewery counters at the Mondial de la Bière, employees must handle orders and payment at a steady pace in order to prevent queues from forming. Transactions are handled swiftly and securely thanks to Weezevent’s RFID technology and cashless terminals. This enables the Mondial de la Bière to process 46 transactions per minute.

Reducing the time spent managing the final sales reports for the 33,000 litres of beer tasted by three weeks.

With such a large quantity of products sold, it’s important for organisers to have quick access to their sales reports. This is exactly what Weezevent’s cashless solution offers them. Through the company’s portal, organisers can generate sales reports in real time. In the past, coupons had to be counted using dedicated machines. This has resulted in time savings of around three weeks.

Facilitating on-site operations with the pre-sales counter.

With so many members of the public attending, efficient pre-sales is a key part of planning which helps to ensure a hassle-free experience. Thanks to Weezevent’s online ticketing service, the Mondial de la Bière’s organisers can guarantee smooth entry for attendees who have purchased pre-sales packages.

Identifying new levers for building loyalty.

Monitoring consumption data via WeezPay allows the Mondial de la Bière to better understand its audience and inform them of the best offers. Organisers can analyse data concerning their ‘Pre-sales’ packages and offer their attendees the options that are best suited to their needs

Mondial de la Bière Montreal

“Thanks to the team’s directness and efficiency, we were able to begin work quickly, and we felt reassured as soon as we got in contact with them! What they present is always clear and reliable, and is reflected in what they deliver.”

Jeannine Marois Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Mondial de la Bière

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